Goodbye Summer | Fruit and Vegetable Picking

Something I have always wanted to do was to go fruit picking. I decided that this year was the year we would go.
As it happened we had a visit to our friends coming up and we wanted to do as much as we could with our children to make the most of our time together, and fruit picking was one of the things on our list.

The weather had been a bit "will it rain or won't it rain" but we decided to risk it anyway. We grabbed lots of punnets and explored the various mini fields and vegetable patches.
It was such a wonderful place to visit with the children as they were able to get involved with picking raspberries, pulling up carrots and potatoes, and breaking off bunches of broccoli leaving an empty nest of leaves behind.
Not only was it great that they could get involved, but it was nice for them to see that this is where their food comes from. Not just a supermarket.

The place we visited was fantastic and had so many choices of vegetable to pick. We'd visited quite late in the day so we were limited on time but we could have stayed all day had we arrived in the morning. There were some parts that we didn't even get to visit.
To say fruit picking is addictive would be an understatement. Every time I said "Right, that's enough raspberries" I found myself going back to get more.

When it came to paying I was dreading the amount, with everything we had picked and our many punnets I expected it to be well over £20...I was totally shocked when I was told it was £6 something! So I selected a bunch of 7 beetroots for just £1.50 because it would have been rude not to!
We then grabbed ice creams for the children which they ate on a blanket next to the car before we drove home and they got to enjoy chips made by Hayley and her husband from the potatoes they had just picked. How wonderful is that?!

I'm really hoping we can visit again next year and make a full day of it. And next year I will be taking home one of the giant courgettes too.

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