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I've been absolutely obsessed with Pinterest the past week or so. For a while now I've wanted to rename and re-jig my boards and really discover what Pinterest has to offer. I'm loving learning about it and making my boards suit my needs and reflect "me".
I have been stalking my friends boards for inspiration and I loved this quote I saw on (Mostly) Yummy Mummy's 'Say What' board. It's really quite true.


Last Saturday we watched The Purge. I'd seen the trailers for the second one on tv for a while and thought it looked good then noticed The Purge on Sky On Demand.
I wouldn't say it was amazing, but it wasn't rubbish. It definitely made me think about what life would be like if such a thing was put in place. If you haven't seen it it's basically set in 2022, and the government has one day of the year where [almost] all crime is legal between I think it was 7pm and 7am. In the film everyone claims that it helps cleanse the country and keep trouble out but, of course, innocent people get targeted. Reading up on the second one it sounds like it will be better than the first so I'm looking forward to watching that when it comes out on Sky Store.


Again, Dorothy Perkins forced me into their store to buy something. This is ridiculous. This time I bought some of the comfy 'joggers' that are around at the moment. I have two other pairs which I bought just before I lost weight so they are massive, although still wearable. I got these in a size 12, yay!! Hopefully the fact that they will look better if I lose a little more weight will give me the push to eat better and exercise more again.


The Sheriff Callie theme tune....over.....and over....and over. And her terrible accent. MAKE IT STOP!!


A decision (I always love using that as 'made') to have a fringe put back in. I'm totally girlcrushing over Jenna Coleman at the moment and love her fringe, in fact her hairstyle completely. I wanted to go shorter with mine so went for shoulder length with a 'grown-out-fringe'.
My hairdresser is amazing and if I say I want it like this, show her a photo, boom she does it.

and lastly...

Our cat has always been wary of the boys and will only go and see them at nighttime. This week she has let Harry stroke her in the middle of the morning AND even went to see both boys as they woke up on Friday morning. Hopefully she will realise that they are just the same as my husband and me and won't hide away so much when the boys are awake.


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