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After recently exploring and falling in love with two new places in Suffolk I have made a list of other towns and villages I want to visit in this county. It's been nice reading up about certain areas around here that I hadn't even heard of before.
I started a blog series called 'Exploring Suffolk' and these are the posts I have done so far in that series:


My brother has a motorbike and is pretty much into all things related to that (racing and stuff) and told me to watch a feature length documentary film called Road. I'm not really into motorbikes or racing as a sport but I watched this simply because my brother told me to, and I knew it must be good if he was that passionate about it.
My goodness, I cried a lot. It is a wonderful film, and I have a tiny appreciation for the sport now....and more so for the Dunlop brothers.

"Narrated by Liam Neeson, ROAD is the heartbreaking and adrenaline-fuelled tale of a family who have dominated road racing for over thirty years. Robert and Joey Dunlop. Quiet men from a rural village in Northern Ireland - but racers who risked everything to win. And Robert s sons, William and Michael. Two of the world s leading road racers today. Young men determined to continue a family tradition. Featuring stunning action, candid race day scenes and a gripping narrative, Road is the story of two generations of one family that have been united by success. And united by tragedy."


I had to return the trousers from last weeks post because I noticed that had a massive hole in the leg. Grrrrr. But whilst there I picked up this midi ring. I don't usually wear cheap rings because I don't want them to take anything away from the ones I wear usually but for £1.50 I couldn't resist. D is an important letter for me as it is the initial of my brothers name, my nans name and Harry's middle name. 
I also wore these Disney pyjamas. Harry is CRAZY for Mickey Mouse, to the point that he wants us to permanantly call him Mickey and not Harry. I got these pyjamas not only because they are cute but also because I knew Harry would love them. I'm a bit obsessed with H&M pjs at the moment and like that legging and jumper style.
I also wore my new Dune Leopard print shoes which I adore.


We were cleaning my car and had KISS on the radio. Harry was loving listening to KISStory and ended up learning the words to  Artful Dodger 'Re Rewind.' At one point we were both on the driveway singing and dancing along. Harry picks up songs so quickly, and this week has also been singing along to 'All About That Bass' by Meghan Trainor (who by the way he thinks is beautiful and is his current crush) but changes 'no treble' for "marshmallow".


My husband went out for his mums birthday last night so I took the advantage of making Chilli and Nachos, as he won't eat them. Ohhhh man. Soooo yummy.

and lastly...

Despite having some really cool plans in October I have realised that a busy packed with activities and events life is just not for me at all. With so many appointments booked too including a hair cut, a dental one for me, the one ladies don't like-clearly for me, and then other appointments for the boys I am surprised I have mixed them all up.
It's all made me feel pretty meh and like I can't enjoy each thing as I am constantly ticking them off the list and moving onto the next thing.
Next weekend I am staying with a friend for 2 nights and hoping that will help me relax and to pick my mood up a bit.


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