Warning: This post comes with quite a lot of selfies, a few accidental poses, and a couple of horrifying make up application photos. But it's all for a good cause, promise.

Since I was a little girl I had an obsession with make up. I remember looking forward to school discos and family events because my mum would let me wear lipstick. And as soon as I was allowed to get away with mascara and the full works I did.
I had every product and tool needed to put on a face of make up. I even had, and still now, have spares of everything I need. I have a silly amount of different mascaras, every colour of eyeshadow possible, various blushers, countless foundations and mirrors pretty much all over the house.
It's good having all these spares, especially for someone like me who constantly loses things, at least I know I have some back up.

But there is one essential tool that I don't have any spares of. I wouldn't be able to just go and purchase a new one, or use an alternative.
My sight.
This is something I have become more aware of this year. My husband had laser eye surgery and around the time of him having it done it really hit home how different our lives would be if something went wrong.
My fellow blogger, friend, and make up enthusiast Charlotte mentioned the Bright for Sight campaign and #nomirrormakeup challenge she is working on with Henshaws which I loved the idea of. I think it is not only fun but it also raises awareness of a worthy cause, as well as giving us a reminder of how lucky we are to have our sight and to not take it for granted.
Henshaws offer advice, support and expert care to anyone affected by sight loss. They are currently encouraging you to think about things in everyday life that we do without thinking, like getting dressed, or putting your make up on. The challenge is simple. Take a face with no make up on, and then....put make up on it. The only thing holding you back, is that you are not allowed to look in a mirror.

Not only is this a fun challenge, and you might think it will be easy, but soon into it you realise how much you rely on a mirror for this task. Also, if like me, you may also realise what awful faces you pull whilst putting your make up on, and how easily distracted you are. I made a gif of my photos, firstly I apologise for the odd facial expressions and secondly, there was a helicopter flying quite low outside and landing on a nearby field so I was distracted by that hense me looking outside a lot. The looking down face when I am applying my lipgloss is because my cat was looking at me like I am mental.
I didn't think I had done too badly until I then looked in a mirror. The bronzer and powder was on so thick, but the rest of it was ok.

If you've read this, and you usually wear make up then I challenge YOU and I tag YOU to take part in the #nomirrormakeup challenge. Share the results via video or photo form and make sure you donate too.
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