September 2014

September was a big month for our family. I can't help but to be a bit cryptic because it's personal and just involved some relationships mending which has made a big change to a lot of people. Which is wonderful.
So this month saw us go on a car treasure hunt. Well, we decided that it was best for the boys to stay with their grandad and grandma (who organised it) whilst we went off around the village of Caston in Norfolk. Once we had finished we all went for a Chinese which was lovely. Harry really enjoyed sharing his meal with his Grandad and I loved watching them bonding over spare ribs!
4 days later it was my birthday. I was given my presents and cards in the morning and after dropping Charles off at school, coming home and spending the morning with Harry and then dropping him off at preschool I then went out for lunch with my husband. When I came home my brother met me, we exchanged gifts and cards. He gave me a One Direction card which had me laughing for quite a while....simply because I have no feelings for them and they make me feel old. I can't even name them all!
My brother did the school runs with me and we went back to my house just to spend time together.
That night, after my brother left, Charles and my husband made us all a Lasagne which was beautiful.

We always make a point of going on a special day out at the weekend if our birthdays fall on a weekday so on the Sunday we headed over to Sandringham Estate. My husband and I visited there last year so we were excited to take the boys along with us this time. Harry absolutely loved the house and would have stayed in there for hours talking about where the Queen sits, who was on each of the photos and so on.

The gardens are amazing. So so so amazing. And we took a walk around, exploring the grounds and just had to take our family portrait photos here which you can see in yesterday's Me&Mine post.

The biggest thing in September was school for both of the boys.
Charles went back to the school he was in last year but went up a year to Year 1. So far the lack of communication in terms of us knowing what they are learning, when books should be back and when on earth we will ever get proper homework for them to do is a little frustrating but we are hoping it will improve once everyone is fully settled in.
Harry started preschool which was crazy! He goes to the same one Charles did which is good because I know the staff really well, and he has some familiarities with the place after collecting Charles from there when he went (even though Harry was only 1 at the time).
Both boys make me so proud with how they settle into school. I look at the mums who struggle with crying children and feel so sorry for them, yet also thankful that neither of my boys are like that as I don't think I could cope.

So, October, October, October. How on earth is it October?!
I'm quite looking forward to this month as we have a child free night out planned where the boys will stay at my mums overnight for the first time by themselves and I have a weekend away without the boys or my husband planned.
I'm not going to lie, the Christmas spirit has hit me a lot earlier this year and for a month I have been singing Christmas songs and starting to plan. I'm sure October will see me buying presents early and starting my Christmas crafts too.

How was your month?

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