The Scrambled Egg

It's only in the past year or so that I've really started to eat eggs. Before, I only really liked them pickled (come on, I'm not the only pickled egg lover am I??) and only really cooked them as part of a fried breakfast, or if I was making my husband an egg mayo sandwich (which I tend to avoid as the smell lingers for so long!).

Since my "lifestyle change" and introducing healthier foods into my diet (note to self, get back on that) eggs have been quite popular and I've surprised myself by actually enjoying finding different ways of cooking them and making meals with them.

My favourites egg recipes being the banana pancakes and sweet potato pancakes, and the scrambled egg.
Up until recently I wasn't a fan of scrambled eggs. I didn't see the appeal, and in all honesty I found the flavour too much.  I don't like a intense egg flavour and instead like it to be a bit more mild, and after experimenting I found the perfect solution.

Rather than whisking those bad boy eggs up with butter, I simply replace the butter with creme fraiche. Not only is this a healthier way to make scrambled eggs, but it also gives them a lighter, fluffy, creamy flavour.

Since discovering how nice scrambled eggs can be I've been experimenting with different scrambled egg recipes, stepping away from the standard 'egg on toast' or 'English breakfast' set up.

How do you like yours?
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