10 Things To Do in Autumn

1. Collect pinecones. Last year started a new obsession for me. I love collecting pine cones of different shapes and sizes and using them as decoration around the house. I have a couple of bowls full of them and also save some to decorate at Christmas.

2. Make chocolate apples. Chocolate dipped apples are so easy and fun to make with children. Also, it's an apple therefore one of your five a day right?! Chocolate can be healthy, see.

3. Autumn is Halloween session and the supermarkets are full of pumpkins. Whether you carve them or decorate with glue and glitter, a must on any Autumn "must do" list is to have a homemade decorated pumpkin.

4. Kick leaves. Isn't there some kind of law that as soon as there is a big pile of red, orange and brown leaves you have to run through and kick them and throw them around? No. That should totally be a rule.

5. Watch Hocus Pocus. Following on from number 3, Hocus Pocus is a must in the Autumn right?

6. Buy some new wellies. I love an excuse to buy new shoes or boots. This year my wellies of choice are Wellibobs from Joules (surprise, surprise!). These are so comfortable and perfect for all day wear.

7. Make mulled cyder. If you believe mulled wine should only be for Christmas, and winter, then mulled cider/cyder is a fantastic alternative. In fact, I kind of prefer it to mulled wine.

8. Make the best hot chocolate, add cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings, and snuggle in the warm.

9. Make S'mores. This seems to be an American craze which is becoming a lot more popular in the UK. Enjoy the great outdoors, and make a fire either in your garden or in a safe outdoor space using firelighters, firewood and kindling from Certainly Wood. Grab a blanket, some mulled cyder, and some loved ones and enjoy the warmth from the fire.

10. Test your heating. With the colder weather creeping up most of us turn our heating on for the first time. So depressing but oh so cosy too.

We were sent a S'mores kit for the purpose of this review.
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