Hotter Shoes For Men | Review

I am one of those shoppers who, if visiting the supermarket for a couple of essential items, will happen to come away with a new nail polish, lipstick or mascara that was definitely not on the shopping list.
My husband is the same, although not with cosmetics obviously. And his item of choosing has now become a long running joke. Approximately every 6-8 weeks he will come home with a new pair of shoes, all excited that they only cost him £8. Despite my eye-rolling and telling him there is a clear reason why they are £8 he is still delighted with his bargain.

After my recent visit and review of Hotter Shoes in Norwich I felt I needed to do something to convince him that he could do much better than those £8 shoes. And believe me this is a big challenge.
After showing him the range of shoes they have for men he was up for the idea of going along to the store to see if there were any that could tempt him away from his cheaper favourites.

Our aim was to find some "rugged" shoes or boots, which are durable and not too clunky. A tough enough sole for wearing outdoors but not too "workman/hiking boot". Something for outdoor adventures, sailing in particular, but also something that could be worn to the pub or on a date night.

He then decided he wanted a boot style, something I've been trying to get him to buy for so long. I think the trends around at the moment when it comes to mens footwear is fantastic. I remember a time when it was just "cool" [is that word still cool or not?] for them to wear trainers pretty much anywhere and everywhere.
My husband isn't a trainers kind of guy.
So the trend of a smart shoe or boot which can be worn with a casual outfit suits him perfectly.

By looking online we had already narrowed down his list of boots to try out to the Focus Boots and the Brett Boots. I think we both preferred the Focus boots looking online, however my husband still wanted to try the Brett boots too, and as soon as his slipped his foot in he had his Hotter moment.
He liked them so much that he didn't even bother trying on any others!

Despite initially liking the lighter brown he instead chose the dark brown grain. He felt this was more versatile, smarter and less likely to show up any kinds of stains or marks.

I didn't want to influence my husbands thoughts on the shoes, or on the brand, and was instead interested to hear what he had to say and what his impressions were.
He said:

You can see and feel that these are quality shoes.
I like the different designs and I'm impressed by the variety and ranges available. It's nice to see colours other than the standard brown and black, both with the plum colours and the different shades of brown available. (This is something that impressed me too. I was really pleased that Hotter have spread the Autumnal colours used in their women's range into the men's range also.)
This is somewhere I would shop again.

Now, being completely honest, he did gasp a little at the price. And I think people do tend to do this nowadays simply because there are shops out there who provide a cheaper alternative.
However, we need to consider the quality of shoes and comparing these to a cheaper version, which are likely to come out on top?
It's a worthwhile investment to spend a little more money on shoes which will not only fit better, and look after your feet, but also last a lot longer.

After leaving the Hotter store we headed to my mother-in-laws for lunch. We told her of my husbands new boots and she in turn told us that her favourite boots which she has had for a couple of years are from Hotter.
So there we go, a family of Hotter fans!

Now....when is the children's range coming out?

My husband was given a pair of boots for the purpose of this review.
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