Loyalty in Life and in Business #HelloNatWest

From a young age I was always interested in customer service and how I felt I should be treated no matter where I shopped. As a child I felt I should be respected, and as an adult I obviously feel the same.
My mum used to make beautiful painted glass and decorate ceramic plates to sell at craft fayres. I would help out a lot with this, and even sold my own decorated terracotta pots (under the name Lolly Pots...which I still quite love). Being loyal and trustworthy to those who were buying our handmade products was obvious, and a necessity. We knew that if we were loyal to them, then they would be loyal in return.

Both my husband and my mum currently run their own businesses, before retiring my father-in-law also had his own business, and I'd like to think that this will help to encourage our children to be determined, focused and to realise that they can achieve whatever they want if they try.

It's common sense really isn't it? A lot of areas in life are all based around a similar thing. Be nice, be trustworthy, be loyal, be caring, be polite, and something I was taught in Primary School; treat others like you want to be treated.

Life can be hard and we all have our day to day struggles, and I don't think it's unnecessary to expect certain behaviour or actions from not only our family, but our friends, colleagues, and companies we use or from our customers.
I am a very loyal customer of a certain supermarket and have been for 4 years. In terms of customer service they are fantastic, if we have any problems with products we have ordered they will sort it straight away, and the delivery drivers always make you feel valued. However, this supermarket lets itself down by offer new customer £15 or £20 off their first grocery shop, and never offer anything of this value to loyal customers who spend a lot of money with them on a weekly basis.
This does make me question how much they value me as a customer, or if they are just interested in bringing new customers into the business, and therefore neglecting those of us who have been consistent shoppers for a few years.

I was really pleased to see a new hello/goodbye campaign by Natwest, where they are recognising loyalty from those who bank with them. They are waving goodbye to offers only aimed at new customers and will instead. They are saying goodbye to 0% teaser rates, and to hiding the best deals online. Goodbye to £12 fee for missing a credit card payment by just a day and goodbye to surprise overdraft charges.

Natwest have created a fantastic video highlighting their campaign using #thatsofa fairness experiment. Have you seen the video yet? If not, click below to watch it.

What do you think to the Natwest campaign? Do you think other companies should use this as an example and follow suit?

This is a collaboration with Britmums and Natwest. I have been compensated but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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