Vertbaudet: Early Years Shoe Tidy | Review

Storage has always been a massive issue for us. Well, alongside just having too much stuff....and too many shoes (although really, is it even possible to have too many shoes?!)
It feels like we've gone through all the shoe rack options we can. A cupboard, a shelving unit, a big box, limiting the shoes we have downstairs, and still we struggled. We recently put up 2 floor to (almost) ceiling shelving units which are actually for dvds and cds. These work perfectly for our shoes but we have problems with the boys reaching them sometimes and needed a simple solution for them to come home from school or a day out, take their shoes off and have a home simply for their shoes only.

Along came the Vertbaudet, Early Years Shoe Tidy.
We were sent the 'taupe' colour, but it is also available in beige. The shoe tidy comes with a shelf which has cute footprints which are all white except for one which is yellow. We love this detail and so far the boys haven't fought over whose shoes go in this space but I'm sure the potential is there.

The shoe tidy was pretty easy to put together. The instructions were clear but could have been a little simpler and included text instructions rather than diagrams.
If you wanted to make the unit bigger there is the option to purchase another one and attach it on top.  This isn't something we feel we need to do at the moment but it is something we would consider and would attract us to buying a product like this in the future. At the moment we find it the perfect place to keep my boots and bag on.

Something I worry about with some self-assemble furniture is that it can be flimsy but this shoe tidy is really sturdy. I'm sure it isn't recommended but we have, on occasion, used it as a seat for the boys when they are taking their shoes off, or putting them on. Again, it feels sturdy enough to do this.

The Early Years Shoe Tidy retails at £28, which is probably a little more than I would want to pay due to it only holding 4 pairs of shoes. However, the fact you can purchase others to make it bigger, and the quality of it does make up for the price.

We were sent the Early Years Show Tidy for the purpose of this review.
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