7 fun online games to try for free

When it comes to online gaming you want to play something simple, entertaining and ultimately free. Why not have a go and level up on some of these fun web based games?

7. Fun free slots
If you fancy playing footy on a tropical desert island with the members of the Avengers, whilst the babes from Baywatch cheer on from the sidelines, then go full steam ahead to SuperCasino.

Well okay, maybe that’s a little far fetched but it’s the best place to visit online to play some themed slot games for fun, before you go the distance and place some bets. With a wide variety of games to choose from, including Captain America, Iron Man, Baywatch, The Avengers as well as Classic Blackjack and Roulette if you fancy a flutter stick it in your bookmarks!

6. Grind the gears
If you have a need for speed then Super Car Road Trip is the perfect way to spend ten minutes or so, with simple arrow key controls and fun boosts throughout the race. It’s not quite Gran Turismo but it will do while on your lunch break.

5. Tower defence
If tower defence is more your thing then head onto the Armor Games site and try your hand at The King of Towers. Defend your kingdom against the Orcs by building defence towers and upgrading them, whilst also completing research to improve your strategies and defence. It can get pretty fast-paced and also has the added bonus of big bosses to defend against, so always think one step ahead.

4. Jelly on a mission
If you’re looking for a simple, puzzle solving game then Jelly Dad is a pretty fun one to immerse yourself in for a while. You play as a blob of self-aware jelly, who has been kidnapped by space pirates and breaks out of its holding cell to embark on a mission to save its wife and kid. Sound ridiculous? It will all make perfect sense once you hit play.

3. Kings and cake
Tiny King is a strangely addictive click based puzzle game, which involves working your way through animated levels to find the key so you can move on. It features lots of quirky cartoon characters and a teeny tiny king on a mission to get back his stolen cake – the moral of the story is: cake is worth travelling long distances and completing complicated puzzles for.

2. Knights and pirates
Flash Bounty is a game on which you can lose quite a substantial amount of time, as you take an army of knights and travel around the map unlocking treasure chests and doing battle with fairies and farmers (odd mix). You can also head out onto the high sea and take on pirates. With simple arrow key controls and turn based battle gameplay, this is a fun game to pass the time.

1. Defeat the undead horde
Single handedly take on the zombie apocalypse in the shooting based game, Dead Zed 2. With just a gun (that never seems to run out of bullets) and a band of plucky survivors you can scout out the area and fight back the undead hordes that just keep coming and continue to move faster and faster towards you. Prepare to be scared!

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