AB InBev & Budweiser Bring Environmental Farming Scheme to UK

As of January 2015, 23 farms in the UK will be working to reduce their environmental footprint as members of AB InBev’s SmartBarley℠ Initiative.

The initiative, which has seen successful over the last year around the world, will enable UK farmers to compare levels of barley production with other farmers and share best practice advice for their particular farm/ecosystem.

This will be the very first time that farmers in the UK are given the chance to be a part of the SmartBarley℠ Initiative.

Although it has only been running for a year, there are already over 1,900 farms throughout the world that have benefited from improved productivity.

The 23 British farms that are set to join the program will be working with Glencore Grain, Agrii and Crisp Malting Group and it is hoped that this partnership will help reduce AB InBev UK’s environmental footprint.

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