Living Arrows 2014 | Behind The Scenes 1-16

We have only one week left of Living Arrows 2014. I have loved being a part of this project, and feel so proud to have actually completed it! 
Never a missed week, maybe the odd panic and almost late, last minute photo, but still sent on time and true of our week.

I love looking back at the photos, and knowing the story behind them. Sometimes you can look at someone else photos and think it looks pretty simple, but you don't know what is going on around the person, or the cause of the reaction in the photo.
I wanted to look back and show my photos from 2014 and to give a little insight into the story behind the photo.
Here are weeks 1-16. 

1. This was just a simple snap taken in our bathroom. I hadn't long had my new camera and was taking photos of some beautiful bathbombs my husband had got me for Christmas, and I pointed the camera at Harry and took this. I love his expression and how wispy his hair is.

2. Again this was one where I was just playing around with my new camera. I wanted to test it out with the light in the playroom/conservatory. Charles really has such a baby face in this photo. It reminds me of how young he really is.

3. Milestone alert: Charles managed to reach the light switches in the house this week.

4: Milestone alert: Charles learnt how to wink.

5. This one was taken on my old camera. I wanted to take photos of the boys in the garden and my old DSLR was the only one I had to hand. It was supposed to be a natural photo of Harry playing but then he looked at me and I got this. I adore it.

6. Charles decided to lay down on the shagpile rug at my mums. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to play with the focus on my camera. Oh his eyes, and the colour of his cardigan along with his eyes. So perfect.

7. My mum came round for the morning and I attempted a photo of her and Harry together. He decided to pull this face which I thought was really cute. I did edit this quite a lot and was really pleased with the results.

8. I took this during an afternoon down the beach. It was cold, hense Charles' thick coat, wellies and hat but we had so much fun throwing stones into the sand, running away from the sea. The view of him against the massive sea was too beautiful to resist.

9. This was one of the only phone photos I submitted in the whole 52 weeks. We were messing around with Harry's hair and made it spiky. It was supposed to be a joke because of how long his hair was, however it ended up looking really nice.

10. We visited Jimmy's Farm with my mum and brother and this is Charles when he was super excited and happy having just caught a fish. His little face makes me smile so much.

11. This was taken during a meal for my husbands birthday. We'd gone to a restaurant and there was a family of ladybirds by the window. Charles was so desperate to hold one and he was so gentle. It was adorable.

12. Harry goes through phases of being attached to particular toys. At this moment he was attached to Woody and would always carry him on his back. They were both looking out of the window to check on our rabbit.

13. You know when you take your child out of the bath and they all of a sudden return to that clean, soft, little baby you first knew? It was one of those days. He looks so little when he has wet hair.

 14. Grumpy face on the digger. Nuff said really.

 15. Charles had just been for a haircut and I wanted to take some photos simply because he looked really handsome. This turned into a silly mini-photoshoot and was really fun. This photo reminds me why we should get his hair-cut reguarly. It makes his face shine so much and really makes his eyes stand out.

16. We were invited to Zizzi to try out their Spring menu. I took my camera there to take photos of our meals, and of us as a family enjoying the restaurant and Charles did this, which I usually find incredibly annoying. However, on this occasion I managed to get him in focus and adore this photo. One word: eyes.

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