Living Arrows 2014 | Behind the Scenes 40-52

 40. Charles had a trip to Tesco with his school. They looked at how bread is made as well as other produce. He found it really interesting and especially loved the hats they were given to decorate.

 41. This reminds me so much of when we used to breastfeed. Me laying on my side and Harry relaxed next to me. We were just having a cuddle after bath-time and the cat even joined us which is a rarity.
 42. This was taken on the boat. Harry doesn't usually go outside and tends to like to stay in the cabin. I couldn't resist taking a photo as he looked up. I'm really proud of the light I captured and felt it worked better in black and white than in colour.

 43. A school Halloween costume. A white sheet creates the best costume ever.

 44. Our last sail. He has taken to sailing so much and has an incredible amount of passion for it. Something we didn't expect but fills us with so much happiness and pride.

 45. A skyping session with grandad and grandma.

 46. A loving sibling moment, to remind me that they don't fight all the time.

 47. During a week of feeling run down and tired Harry spent a lot of his mornings before preschool just lounging around in his dressing gown. Clearly engrossed in the tv. 

 48.  Harry next to our new boat on the day we went to collect her.

49. Don't play with lights, it's dangerous. Although it does make a cute photo.

50. We went to a local garden centre and they had these two beautiful Reindeer. The boys could have watched them for hours. This white one was so pretty and really soft. Harry was mesmerised by him.

51. A milestone for Charles. His first lost tooth.

52. This was taken on Christmas Day. Harry has on this super cute new dressing gown and we were messing around in the kitchen. He was pulling lots of poses, I didn't think any were in focus, then looking over the photos I found this one and I loved it. We had a tough day with this over-tired over-excited boy but it was nice to have a bit of fun amongst it.
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