Our First Mums Night Out

One of the best things about Charles going to school, other than his learning of course, is that I have made friends. Two of those have become quite close friends. The three of us walk together from our cars to the school, and back again, always looking out for each other.
We mentioned a couple of times about going for a meal one evening, and with Christmas coming up we went for it. We looked at local places, close to us so we wouldn't have to pay a fortune for taxis (thankfully one friends mum took us down there, and the other ones husband and son picked us up), and decided we wanted somewhere with a Christmas menu.

We finally chose a night suitable for us all. Pretty much all week we said to each other "I am SO excited" "I cannot wait for Friday". I think it was quite clear that all three of us needed that night away from our homes, to share some wine together, and have a laugh.

The place we chose had warned us that there was a party of 24 arriving the same evening as us. We decided to go anyway as we thought they would surely create a great atmosphere. It's safe to say we didn't need them.
We laughed so much that our cheeks and tummies were hurting. I exchanged Christmas Cracker tat with someone from the party of 24, and one of my friends announced to that table that she was going for a wee....which had me laughing so much that I couldn't breathe.

The best thing was learning about each other, talking about a range of things...we joked how we had covered politics, religion and actually hadn't talked about the children much which is quite rare when mums get together!
I think we all realised how much each of us needed an evening out, some time with people like us, who wouldn't judge us for what we said. It made our friendship that bit tighter, and has hopefully started something which will become quite regular.

It was such a wonderful night. One of those nights where, as soon as you get home, you message each other to say what a great time you had....and the next morning you message each other complaining of no sleep and a fragile head.
I can't wait for the next one.

 Proof of a good night when this is the last photo you take??

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