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It’s never too early to start budgeting for Christmas so why not start planning and preparing for 2015 now? You can still take advantage of any savings that you see and put these goods away for next year - if there's one thing in life that is guaranteed, prices and the cost of living always rise on an annual basis.

How to organise your Christmas spending

If you draw up a realistic budget for 2014, add a small contingency fund so that you can also buy goods that are on offer and will also be useful for Christmas 2015. According to the website City AM, the annual festive spending bonanza known as Black Friday will ‘push the Christmas spend to £91 billion.’ But that's not the only day of the year that we can benefit from significant savings: keep an eye out for discounted products right the way through the holiday period. It is a great idea to look for bargains at this time, and if you’re short of cash, you can always visit www.carcashpoint.com/ and see if you can raise extra funds through a logbook loan.

Buy wisely

If you are able to spend money in the sales, then do so. In an uncertain life, you never know if your employment will be affected by ill health or redundancy, but if you are organised and can afford to budget, then you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy Christmas 2015. Most stores still hold annual January sales’ events and this is a perfect time to invest in fairy lights, baubles, and even Christmas cards. Electrical goods, linen and china are also exceptionally competitively priced at this time. According to The Daily Mail most Britons intend to spend more on food rather than presents in 2014. Budgeting and planning will allow you to do both for Christmas 2015.

Treats are important

Many families use Christmas as an excuse to enjoy a West End show and an overnight stay in London. This can cost a lot of money though if you budget throughout the year, you’ll be able to enjoy a family night out on the town without breaking the bank. Look out for early bird deals and special hotel offers. It always pays to book your train tickets in advance. Obviously most theatres won’t know what shows will be on during Christmas 2015, but if you ask to go on their mailing lists, you’ll have an opportunity to buy some cut price tickets for any forthcoming production.

If you want to travel for Christmas 2015, start looking now

This is the perfect time to look out for any bargains on offer from the travel industry for the following Christmas. Even if you’re an adult the Daily Mirror recommends that you check out the pleasures of Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2015. If you are looking for a cruise for your next festive holiday, then just type 'Christmas 2015' in to your browser and you’ll soon be able to see the range of cruises and prices on offer. If you’ve budgeted throughout the year then you’ll have the funds to enjoy some of these sumptuous delights in 2015 without worrying finances quite so much!

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