5 Winter Home Emergencies You Can Avoid Right Now | Guest Post

Winter can be a magical time of the year, but it can also cause havoc for your home. Unless you are adequately prepared, there are all kinds of winter home emergencies that can crop up. Below you’ll discover the top five emergencies you can avoid right now.
1. Broken down boiler
While the British weather may be known for its unpredictability, for several months of the year you can usually get away without using a lot of heating. While this saves you a lot of money, unfortunately it can cause problems when you start to use the boiler more in the colder weather. Many homeowners don’t discover until it’s too late that their boiler has packed up.
Winter is the most common time for boilers to break down. To avoid this it is important that you have the boiler serviced by a qualified engineer before winter kicks in. It is really important you check that the engineer has become gas safe registered with Options Skills or any other respected training company.  
2. Frozen pipes
The cold weather can cause the water pipes in the home to freeze and eventually burst if they aren’t treated. Keeping the home as warm as possible will help to prevent this problem. As featured on the CDC website, it is worth weather-stripping doors and windows. If you are going away it is also helpful to have the heating set to low so that it keeps the house warm while you are gone.
3. Cold radiators
Cold radiators are another common home winter emergency. If your house isn’t warming up despite the heating being on, it could be down to a problem with the radiators. The good news is this is usually a very simple problem to fix. You will need to bleed the radiators to ensure any trapped air is released. If this doesn’t work, clean the radiators thoroughly.
4. Blocked drains
Another problem the cold weather brings is blocked drains. This can lead to bigger problems if not sorted out right away. It is often caused by pouring fats and grease down the drain. The cold weather causes the liquids to solidify and cause a blockage which can be difficult to get rid of. To prevent it all you need to do is ensure you don’t pour anything you shouldn’t down the drain.
5. Dripping taps
Dripping taps may seem like a mere sign of annoyance rather than an emergency. However, if they aren’t fixed in winter they could lead to more serious problems. As mentioned on the South Staffs Water website, dripping taps can lead to frozen and burst pipes. Be sure to get them fixed as soon as you can to prevent the problem.
Overall there are many home emergencies that can crop up in winter. The above are the most common problems you could be facing if you aren’t properly prepared. If you follow the advice given, you should be able to avoid and quickly treat any emergencies that do crop up.    

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