Creative Christmas Tshirts

Over Christmas we were challenged by buytshirtsonline to design and create our own tshirts.
With a couple of weeks off school, and unpredictable weather, I thought this would make a great activity for the boys. I always plan to do crafty things with them and then get all stressed and panicky at the thought of the mess....well, my husbands reaction due to the mess I should say, so will instead make an excuse to not do it.

However, now they are older I'm hoping they will understand the need and ease of keeping things as neat as possible when crafting so we can do it more often.

Making the tshirts was a lot of fun. We (I) added the iron on transfers, Charles choosing a Minion and Harry choosing Olaf. I then let them loose with the paints, pens, glitter and confetti to do as they please. The results were.....interesting. It's obviously not a tshirt I will let them wear everyday of course but it's nice to wear around the house.
We made a tshirt for me too, and although I decorated the boys helped me decide on what to put on there. We added things I love, and my roles. So, mummy, blogger, twin, wife, a sailboat, a camera and a computer.

The boys actually made me a pyjama top with their nanny for Christmas. She let them get creative and it has their hand prints on as well as writing and drawings, and it's so special. I think it's such a wonderful idea and would definitely suggest this as a present for family members too....in fact it's an idea I might steal for my other family members!

We were sent some tshirts and craft items from buytshirtsonline for the purpose of this post
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