Exploring the World Without Flying



fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft.

The thought of travelling, waiting around at an airport, delayed flights, barely any leg room is enough to put anyone off flying and exploring the world. Then of course there are those who have no choice, and simply can't fly around the world because of fear.
However, there are alternatives, and a fear of flying or just the feeling of not wanting to deal with the hassle, can easily be avoided.

By Train

After travelling to Eurodisney, and back again by train in 2013, I can see the attraction of travelling to Europe, and exploring Europe by train.
Quite naively I didn't realise, until recently researching, just how is it is to visit Europe by train, or the various trains you can travel by.
High speed trains, night trains, regional trains and scenic trains.
Of course, if you decide to travel by train you need to really research before booking your trip. You need to thoroughly check timetables, taking into account passport checks, possible delays and in some cases where a short bus journey may be necessary.

By Car

Quite an adventure but a fun one at that. Thanks to ferries and the eurotunnel driving to other countries is simple.Of course you need to be confident, and make sure you are aware of driving rules and regulations so that you don't get caught out.
The advantage to driving to another country is that you get to experience other places too.
In 2013 we visited a Centre Parcs in Holland, and to get there we had to drive through France, Belguim and some of Holland. On the journey home we decided to stop off at Bruges to have some lunch. It was fantastic to take advantage of the time we had to be able to visit Bruges, especially as it was such a beautiful place and is somewhere we will visit again so we can spend longer there.

By Ship

Now, for something a little more luxurious you could consider a cruise. Cruises from the UK are an ideal way to be able to have that on board experience without having to fly to meet your ship in another country.
Fred Olsen have ten regional departure ports to choose from, so all you have to do is find which one is most suitable for you, choose your itinerary, get to the ship and as soon as you are on board your holiday starts. No waiting around in an airport, having to then find your luggage at the other end, then find your coach, and make your way to the ship.
And just because the cruises are from the UK it doesn't make them any less special than those departing in Majorca or Corfu. You can still cruise around the Mediterranean, or the Baltic, Norway, Scandinavia or even the UK and Ireland.
Cruises from the UK, due to their convenience, are the perfect option with those who are travelling with children. Baggage allowance doesn't usually tend to be an issue on cruises so you don't have to restrict your items, as much as you would if flying at least.
What could be better than exploring the world by ship? With entertainment on board, amazing cuisine and the most beautiful views, sunrises and sunsets you will ever see?

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