Haliborange Taste Test | Review

Before Harry was born Charles used to reguarly take a vitamin tablet every day. We used to call it his "Daisy" because I kept it in a jar which we put a sticker of Upsy Daisy on.
We ran out of the vitamins and then couldn't get hold of them anymore. So, I didn't bother looking around to see what else was available and forgot about them.

Recently, Haliborange got in touch to see if the boys wanted to taste test some of their vitamins.
With a Mr Men theme on the pots I knew the boys would be keen so we accepted.
We were sent a tub of orange flavour Omega 3 & Vitamins which including Vitamin B5 which contributes to mental performance. The boys loved the flavour of these, and trying one myself I could see why. They call these "sweets" and it has taken them a while to accept that they are only allowed one per day and that they can't just eat all of them due to them not being sweets.
We were also sent a tub of strawberry flavoured Calcium and Vitamin D which help support the normal developement of bones. Although this was soft just as the Omega 3 the texture was slightly different, and Harry didn't like these at all. Charles however loved them.
Despite the boys taking a while to accept that these are not sweets they are excited to take one a day, thanks to the softness and because of the Mr Men design. They loved that on the lids a character is displayed to show the affects of the vitamins inside.

The Mr Men Haliborange range is available in 4 different flavours, including blackcurrant 'Immune Support' and strawberry 'multivitamins'.

The fact that the boys are excited to take their vitamins everyday gives me confidence and reassurance that we are putting into their bodies what they need. And we highly recommend them.
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