How to let your child’s personality shine | Guest Post

The wonderful thing about children is that each and every one is different, not only in looks but in the way they act and do things too. From the moment they’re born you’ll notice quirky little things about their character that’ll make you burst with pride, but as they go from babbling baby to talented teenager how can you ensure their personality shines? Here are several tips you might find useful.
Embrace freedom of expression
As a parent you’ll know bringing up a kid isn’t always easy. It’s difficult at times and as your little one develops their own mind and challenges your authority it can be hard to know what to do. All youngsters want to push boundaries a little, so why not embrace freedom of expression and let them experiment a bit? This could mean letting them choose their own clothes from sites like Lamaloli or it could mean leaving them to prepare their own school lunch. Allowing them to make decisions will give them a sense of responsibility and should improve their decision making skills.
Of course, it’s important to enforce certain rules, such as they must wear proper school uniform during the week, but perhaps try to be less strict on them during evenings and weekends. And don’t forget, all kids make mistakes. So, if they leave the house wearing mismatched socks or a Spider-Man cape, don’t be too harsh on them and simply guide them in the right direction instead.
Support, encourage and listen
Opportunities are plentiful for children these days, so always encourage them to do activities that challenge and make them happy. If they like sports, for instance, perhaps see if they want to join an extra-curricular club at school or find sporting activities in your local area that they can be part of. Similarly, if they love music, learning to play an instrument could keep them occupied and focussed while giving them something to be proud of. Children thrive when they have goals and with continuous praise and support could develop a skill they never knew they had.
Whatever you children decide to do, however, it’s important to listen to them if they have any worries or concerns. That way you can iron out any problems they have before they escalate and ensure they’re being challenged in the right way. Moreover, be careful about being overly pushy. While some parents believe never giving up is the way forward, it is important to take your child’s personality and wishes on board to stop them from becoming unhappy and withdrawn. If they don’t like one activity, for instance, perhaps persuade them to keep trying and if they still don’t like it, think again and find something they do enjoy.
Have family days
Family activities can encourage children to relax, unwind and reveal their true personality, so why not ask each of your little ones to choose a place of interest and visit somewhere different each week or month? That way, each child gets to do something that fascinates them and you can watch in delight as they ask questions, run around and just enjoy their childhood. There are many must-see attractions in the UK that’ll keep all ages occupied, so head out and see what you can find.
There are many things you can do to bring out the best in your kids, so don’t panic and just be patient, loving, kind and supportive… even during the challenging times.
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