#littleloves | 16/01/2015

I wanted to join in with Morgana's #littleloves link up again this year as I really loved taking part last year, but somehow lost my way with it and never made it back to being a regular thing. However, I'm here to try again.


I ordered these notebooks last week from Minted. I absolutely love them, it took me over a month to decide on which notebooks to buy as there are so many wonderful ones to choose from. I particularly love the quotes on the front, which is the main reason I bought them.
Charles has a new teacher at school. He is FANTASTIC. In just a week he has done so much. I liked Charles' previous teacher but this one is so hands on and involved.
He uses an app called Class Dojo. It's a behaviour reward app and parents can download the app to keep up with their child. If they do something good, they get a point. You can see how many points they get each day and what they got the point for. Ie/ good listening, sitting nicely, good writing.
Charles has always liked school but now he loves it even more. I no longer get the "I can't remember what we did" answer when I ask him what he learnt that day, and instead get a full on run down of everything they have done.


Celebrity Big Brother! Wooohooo!! Although, so far I'm a bit disappointed. It's not what it used to be.
Quite surprised that I now completely dislike Perez Hilton and....confession...LIKE Katie Hopkins!


We went to the North Norfolk coast on Sunday, thankfully with our wellies. This photo was taken on the beach at Wells-Next-The-Sea. The tide was out leaving this super sludgy, slippery, oily mud left behind. We soon realised why we were the only ones walking on that part of the beach. Forget ice skating...we were mud sliding.


I am obsessively Youtubing Ricky Martin at the moment. I've always found him really theraputic and calming when I am at my lowest. His voice and music (oh come on, and him as a whole) has always helped me a long and brings me real comfort.
We're off to Somerset in April and now we have a proper radio and CD player in the car I am planning on playing lots of Ricky Martin songs. Annoyingly I can't find an album with these two recent songs on, which is making me so so SO frustrated as I love them....a lot.



I'm back to my healthy eating again. I am determined to at least get into a size 12 this year, I managed to buy some size 12 trousers last year but want to be fully into everything size 12 at some point. I love experimenting with meals and made these this week.
 Mushrooms, sweetcorn, some small BBQ chicken pieces, a small dollop of Phili light and a small bit of Stilton for flavour.
 Crayfish, sweetcorn, mushrooms and avocado. And a teaspoon of phili light.
My husband got me a Tassimo coffee machine for Christmas. I absolutely love the Americanos and have been drinking these quite a lot. I started off with the Latte's but they made me feel so bloated. I realised that my decision last year to cut out milk/cream from my coffee was for the best.

And Lastly...

Living Arrows has returned for another year, this time over on my wonderful friend Hayley's blog, Shutterflies. I'm really excited about it and am loving our new contributors as well as getting to know the other bloggers who link up too.
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