#littleloves | 23/01/2015


This week I read a really eye opening post, which is so honest. 'The Reason She's a Slut' is written by Laura Jane Williams. I follow Laura's other blog, Superlatively Rude, but she also posts on Thought Catalog. Her posts are simply amazing and well word a read.


I bought my husband the Hunger Games Book Trilogy for Christmas after a friend told me how good the films are. He finished Hunger Games on Friday so on Saturday he was desperate to watch the film. We absolutely LOVED it, so much so that I begged him to get started on the second book and to hurry and finish it so we can watch Catching Fire.
However, on Tuesday night despite only being a third of the way through the book he said he couldn't wait any longer and so we sat and watched the film (thanks to Netflix!). Again, we loved it. Not as much as Hunger Games, but still it is a very very good film.


I wanted a new foundation and popped into Boots on Saturday, initially to buy a new mascara and was going to leave the foundation until another day when the boys weren't with me so I could have a proper look. However, I saw a Collection promotional stand with a matt finish for just £2.50. I tried it on my hand and my goodness, never before has a shade matched mine so perfectly. It feels so lovely on the skin, looks natural and blends really well.


I managed to get Spotify on a 3 month promotion for 99p. I'm going to make a playlist for our car journey to Somerset in April. Latch by Disclosure is always one of the first songs I listen to when I head over to Spotify and will definitely be top of my playlist.


Despite it being 9 weeks away I've been obsessively making plans for when we go on holiday. I'll be driving the whole time which is exciting but also slightly nerve-wracking. Due to my anxiety I like to plan where I'm going to be, what time we'll be there, a route and an alternative route, or a plan B day out and so on.
At the moment our plans have changed and we are seeing where we want to go and working out a logical plan. I'm hoping to visit Clevedon as Broadchurch is filmed there. If we didn't have the boys with us I would see about going on the tour. We're also going to be visiting Wookey Hole one day which is excited because we used to visit there almost every year as a child, so I'm looking forward to taking my boys along and reliving the memories.

And Lastly...

We've hit a bit of a low with the boat this week. My husband had found some rot on the boat, which was fine as we would just have to replace the planks which is a potentially easy job to do. However, after more investigating my husband has now found a lot more rot and the job is now a lot bigger than we thought, meaning my husband won't be able to do it by himself. We knew we would have maintenance to keep up with, and that it wouldn't be cheap, but we are feeling a bit deflated after all this work. Especially as we had a survey done on the boat before we purchased her, and this should have been picked up.
Anyway, hopefully the boat shed will get her back to perfect sailing quality ready for April.
There is something quite sad knowing she is now sat in the cold shed with holes in her, and not in her usual beautiful state.
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