#littleloves | 30/01/2015


Despite selling my early bird ticket I have been looking at the Speakers for this years Britmums Live conference. It looks amazing and really exciting. Carol Smilie as a speaker on the Friday is super exciting. I have such fond memories of watching her on Changing Rooms when I was a teen. In fact that show was one of the last times I can remember us being a happy family until my dad left so it's quite special.
And, how good does she look?!


I stayed at my mums on Friday whilst my brother was home. It's become a little tradition now that I go and stay over and the 3 of us will watch a film when he is back. We chose Let's Be Cops, which was ok. It made me laugh in parts but was probably a little bit long.
I also watched a film called Little Children on Saturday. Kate Winslet is in it, and I LOVE her. The film was ok, again a bit long and could have been a bit more...I don't know...exciting or something. It had two storylines going on and I didn't feel like they merged well enough together to warrant being in the same film.
I've also been watching a lot of Impractical Jokers. The US version because the UK version was awful. I know I've mentioned it before but I am OBSESSED with it. It's one of the only programmes that has me laughing out loud....VERY loud.


 I bought some new boots and a new scarf this week. I am yet to wear them but I'm rather excited about them. The scarf is from Warehouse and is a big blanket scarf in a coral and grey leopard print. Soooo lovely. And the boots were from TKMaxx and are a kind of biker/cowboy style.


I am obsessively listening to Sam Smith at the moment. I have his album on in the car constantly and his songs playing on my phone via Spotify. My favourite at the moment being Life Support, closely followed my Leave Your Lover.


Purchases. See "wore" above. (Ok, totally cheating there)

And Lastly...

Yuk, it snowed here a bit yesterday. Not for long but enough to lay a little and to make it super icy. I hate it but Harry hasn't seen snow properly before....well enough to remember as he was just a baby when it last snowed, so it was nice to see his reaction.
Charles had the class mascot for 3 days so it was a great excuse to take a photo of him with the snow (although not outside of course) and to add a Frozen theme to the photo for the diary, which I'm sure Charles' class friends appreciated.

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