New Year, new cleaning routine - how to transform your daily chores

It’s the beginning of a New Year and spring is the next season on the horizon but the daily cleaning and household chores still have to be carried out. What you could do this year is set up a new regime to keep your home clean and you can involve the whole household.

Modern cleaning devices

Keeping your home clean is becoming easier every year with changes in technology and the types of efficient vacuum cleaners. If you look at the Click Cleaning website you will see the wide range of cleaning products available and the different aids to help you. Many people have discovered that using a steam cleaner can achieve a finish that would have taken you hours but can be done in minutes using one of these devices.

Sharing the daily chores

An article in the Daily Mail shows how researchers found that working women are still doing more housework than their partners. It says 'women are doing 17 hours a week compared to men carrying out just 6 hours per week.' Sharing the daily workload will benefit everyone and will make each job that little bit more bearable. You can also incorporate the rest of the family; you may have to resort to bribery, but if you can show your children that the vacuum cleaner is a useful device and they can use it to clean their own rooms, you’ll have achieved a milestone in their upbringing.

Finding new cleaning techniques

You may spend hours just trying to clean one window or the tiles in your bathroom but an article in The Huffington Post discovered that professional cleaning companies don’t always rely on industrial strength chemicals and some of the products they do use are rather bizarre. A quote from Rob Garritano reveals: “There is a common misconception that you need to spend hours and hours cleaning your home to get that sparkling professional finish every time.”

You don’t. One of the main tips is to clean your house on a regular basis, this doesn’t mean a huge spring clean. It’s better practice to clean up as you go, rather than waste your precious free time in an orgy of dusting, scrubbing and waste a whole day in the process.

Make your rooms easier to clean

One way in which you can change your cleaning routine is to rearrange your furniture. It’s far easier to clean the floors if they’re not cluttered with small tales or books and magazines. Ask your family to replace objects on shelves, rather than leaving them on the floor. This simple step will cut down the amount of time you spend cleaning the home.

The same applies to other rooms in the home. Put dirty linen in the laundry basket, always clean the bath after use and always put food in the fridge or store cupboards. Once you get the whole family on board, you’ll soon find that your cleaning routine will become much easier. You could always keep bathroom disinfectants in the bathroom, rather than the cupboard under the kitchen sink. An efficient cleaning routine is as much about organisation and collaboration as the actual cleaning itself.
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