PMT | Project Me Time

If you had an extra 15 minutes, a half hour, an afternoon or an entire day, what would you do to make yourself feel rejuvenated, relaxed and happy?

I want to make as many changes as possible in 2015 to improve my health overall. 
I fell off the fitness wagon and struggled to get back on it but I know that if I want my mental health to get better then my diet plays a part in that too.  
I have decided to give myself a project. Project Me Time...which I then realised is quite aptly shortened to PMT. Yes, I think I am hilarious.

I want to make time for myself. To focus my mind, get a chance to breathe, to feel I have remembered myself and haven't just made sure everyone else is happy and have forgotten about my needs too.

I always seem to find time for unimportant things. And I need to focus this time a bit better. Be it by exercising, getting out of the house, achievements with housework, going for a coffee. Whatever it takes to be able to write "hey, I did something good for me today", and to feel, at 7.30 when the boys are tucked up in bed, that I have deserved that sit down on the sofa and to snuggle up under a blanket and blog or watch trashy tv.

Exercising is something I am really going to focus on in 2015. I really enjoyed it in 2014 and felt so disappointed at losing my confidence with it. I lost my focus around June as we had so much going on and I struggled to get back into it. 
I am going to accept that it doesn't have to mean me going outside and running. These days there are so many Youtube fitness videos available and these will help me to get fit and I can confidently follow the routines in the privacy of my own lounge.
Aldi have helped me along by sending me some cast iron Kettlebells, available from 2.5kg (£6.99) up to 7.5kg (£11.99) as well as ergonomically shaped Dumbbells available from 1kg, 2kg and 3kg (£6.49). In the past I have used candles, squash bottles and tins, which lets face it, aren't exactly ideal, but the kettlebells and dumbbells are perfect. The design is sleek and modern and, without sounding odd, is something you wouldn't mind leaving on the coffee table if a friend pops round for a coffee.

For over 5 years my children have been my priority. I am way down on my list of priorities. At the top is the boys, my husband, the cat, the rabbit, the house, my blog....everything other than myself. And although some of that is as it should be, I also need to make room to put myself at the top sometimes.
Priority lists shouldn't be set in stone. Needs change and sometimes certain people have to come before others. And it's not a bad thing if that person is me. If I need to put myself at the top of that list.
To do something that completely lets go of responsibilities and allows me to be alone with my thoughts.

So, to help me on my way, and maybe you'll join in too, what do you do when you have some me time? Or what would you do if you had that extra 15 minutes, half hour, afternoon or entire day?

Aldi Specialbuys Yoga and Fitness range will be launching in stores on the 2nd January 2015 but be quick, one they are gone they are gone.
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