Rainy day activities the whole family will enjoy

There’s little worse than the mutterings of discontent emanating from a family when the rain has put a stop to most outdoor activities. ‘Mum, I’m bored’ must be one of the most frequently repeated phrases in the English language. Here are some ideas to help combat boredom and frustration.

Crafting is fun

If your family spend most of their leisure time glued to a screen of some description, whether it’s the latest example of aliens killing each other in a computer game, or adults watching endless reruns on cable TV, now’s the time to wean them from this particular passion. The idea of crafting may sound rather Victorian and twee, but an article in The Daily Mail reveals that crafting is on the increase in the UK.

The director of the Knitting and Stitching show, Jonathan Burton, said, ‘There’s definitely a resurgence of interest in all sorts of crafting at the moment.’ It is a good idea to source materials for these types of activities in advance, and Craft Superstore, among other outlets, is an online resource that can supply materials for your crafting session.

Make a film

The popularity of smartphones means that you can make a family film from your mobile device as well as a more conventional camera. If you load your footage onto your Mac or PC and then edit it with a free online app, you’ll soon find that the hours just fly by, and you may discover that you have a junior Spielberg in the family. This is an activity that should please the whole family; there will be squabbles, especially if you want to add music, but most, of all this activity is great fun.

Humans are waterproof

Of course, you don’t have to stay inside during the rain; we are waterproof after all. The Guardian suggests that caving might be an exciting family activity. If you don’t like the idea of exploring a cold and dank enclosed space then have a look at local activity centres. You don’t have to be a natural athlete to attempt to climb an indoor wall, and most cities have one of these centres. The wonderful thing about wall climbing is that it’ll keep both the adults and children occupied for many hours. Hopefully after exhausting themselves in this type of activity, the kids will be too tired to remember that they were bored.

Escape rooms

Your family can while away an hour if they take part in an Escape Room experience. This is more suitable for adolescents and adults, rather than small children, but it’s a great way to solve puzzles, encourage communication and have some fun on a wet day. The aim is to find your way out of a locked room within an hour by tracking down clues and solving codes. The experience is based on the Dungeons and Dragons model, but because you’ll all be interacting with each other rather than swearing at your laptop, you’ll find it’s much more satisfying. You can find your nearest centre, if you click here. Some of the games feature a Da Vinci room, others a prison. You’ll be briefed before your game starts and they’re suitable for small groups.

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