This Week in 5 | 1.1-10.1

Last year I started a little project called 'Happy Sunday'. Every Sunday I wrote about things that had made me happy that week.
This year I wanted to try something different and just basically want to look back at 5 things in the week that meant something to me, that happened, that I want to remember.
These posts will usually go up on a Sunday but you know, time fail. Also, with the first not starting on a Sunday I have included those first few days and made this an extra long week. Because I like to complicate things.

The year was off to a great start as it involved fresh air, a walk, cake and coffee. We visited a place nearby to have some cake and to warm ourselves up after a walk in the park. We don't really do this too often, as the boys can be restless, but we really enjoyed it.
I want to get them "trained up" to sit nicely in small cafe's in preparation for our holiday in April, as well as to just be able to get them through life with manners of course, so hopefully we will visit more places like this.

Harry went back to preschool before Charles returned to school so I took the opportunity to go to the zoo with him. We were there for over two hours, just walking around, jumping over puddles and collecting stamps so he could get a medal at the end.
It started to rain towards the end so we ended up quite cold and wet but it didn't ruin our time.
Whenever we have time together as the two of us we call this "Mummy-Charlie Time" (I don't call him Charlie generally but it fits better than Charles) he asks us to take a photo together and wants to change the colour (ie choose the filter on Instagram).
I love this photo, and was glad he chose that filter #wrinkles.

For 5 years Charles has been going to the hospital for eye tests. Although his vision is spot on he has lazy eyes occasionally due to weak muscles, or other muscles being too strong.
We've discussed surgery or glasses at every appointment and almost started to feel like we weren't getting anywhere.
With an increase in how many times his eyes are now drifting we have finally been given a next step and a way to try to correct them. He was given a prescription for glasses, which we are glad about about we would like to avoid surgery. With any luck the glasses will strengthen the weaker muscles so the eyes will no longer drift.

We all went to Boots Opticians after the hospital consultation to choose his glasses. He is so so excited. Whilst I was helping Charles to pick a pair my husband and Harry decided to try some on too (funny given that my husband wore glasses for 30 years and had laser eye surgery last year). Harry looked so cute and I love his automatic "looking over the top librarian" style.

This massive swan was at the park on New Years Day. I find swans super scary but since having the boat I do have this soft spot for them. They can be really sweet and we had a few that would visit us whenever we went on the boat. They'd come and float next to the boat when we were moored up, obviously after food but sometimes I think it was for the company too. Even if we go down there now whilst the boat is in the shed they will still come over and see us.
I feel really sad when I see them alone, which this one was, other than the ducks surrounding him...he had no swan mate. But he seemed happy enough.

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