Unusual holiday destinations for families

Fancy being a bit more adventurous in 2015 and exploring some truly incredibly destinations? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve listed some of the most unusual places worldwide that are not only perfectly suitable for families but will ensure you have an incredible time.

Canary Islands

If you thought holidaying with kids meant compromising on quality – think again! It’s 100% possible to travel in luxury and visit somewhere as beautiful as the Canary Islands with little ones in tow. Located just off the southwest coast of mainland Morocco, this Spanish archipelago is the perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up the stunning surroundings.

As well as incredible scenery and beautiful coastlines, this part of the world also offers a range of unusual retreats including the Ritz Carlton, Abama - a deluxe retreat positioned high on a cliff top. The service is tailored to suits your needs and with ten restaurants – including the world-renowned M.B. (two Michelin stars), you won’t be short of fine dining.


When you become a parent, it can be tempting to holiday close to home in fear of something going wrong but where’s the excitement in that? Sure, there are many wonderful places to explore in the UK, but why not jet off into the sun and explore the magical and fascinating world of Dubai? Riding a camel with your little ones might seem out of the ordinary but think of all the amazing photos you’ll take and the memories you’ll make. Navigating the sand dunes, relaxing on the beaches and checking out the impressive architecture of Dubai’s top landmarks is all in a day’s work here, so pack your bags and see what this country has to offer.

And don’t worry, family-friendly resorts are plentiful with hotels such as the One & Only Royal Mirage sure to leave quite an impression. Essentially, it’s a castle-like resort rising out of the desert, overlooking the clear waters of Palm Island bay. With arches, domes and towers interspersed with flowers, a private beach and all the comforts you could wish for on a luxury holiday including roof-top restaurants and luxurious centres, you won’t want to go home.


Thailand’s a place for singletons and backpackers, right? Well, of course, this wonderful country does attract all kinds of travellers but it’s as suitable for families as it is young, free and single explorers – you just have to plan your trip carefully. Thankfully, there are many resorts around this beautiful part of the world that are ideal for kids and adults alike, so whether you want to experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or relax on one of the nearby islands you can do so in luxury.

Waterfalls, stunning coastlines and unique attractions such as the Tiger Temple combine to make this a fascinating holiday destination for all ages, so don’t be afraid to venture far afield.

Family holidays should be fun, but why do what everyone else does? Perhaps this year you can do something unusual and make memories to last a lifetime.
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