2015: The Lifestyle and Weightloss Update

I'm not sure what it was last year that gave me the kick to change my lifestyle, and subsequently lose weight. A whole 3 stone of weight. It all happened quite quickly too, and I was really lucky to have found it so easy. It was a mix of reducing milk intake, bread, takeaways, smaller portion sizes and exercising.
I would go for regular walks, everyday. Fast pace walking, the occasional jog and brief run. I enjoyed it. It felt good. I felt I could do anything.

I signed up to a challenge with some other bloggers, called Challenge 10. The notion being 10 Bloggers, running 10 miles, in 10 months. I was really excited and when it came round to the Challenge starting in September I was ready for it.
But pretty much straight away my body shut down. I found excuses not to run or to go out at all, and started eating takeaways and generally just not being a good girl.
My expectations of the Challenge were probably too high and in October I decided it was best to give up my place in the group. I wasn't putting the effort in, I was feeling deflated, and I had little motivation. The summer holidays had also got me out of the loop and my usual routine was gone.
I didn't know how to get back into it and worried that I would end up undoing all of the work I had done. And would end up bigger again.
So, Christmas came and thankfully I didn't do too bad. I put on a few pounds (6) and crept over 12 stone and that gave me enough of a kick to sort my eating out and to give me the push to get back into some kind of healthy routine again. Thankfully I was able to shift those extra pounds in a week so I felt better about myself quite soon.

I was sent some Emergen-C drink sachets to help me on my way. Each sachet has 1000mg of Vitamin C for immunity support and 6 B Vitamins for energy release, making these the perfect addition to morning or post work out smoothies or juices. As someone who isn't into smoothies and juices I have simply added a sachet to a glass of water.
These have given me the much needed energy boost I need in the mornings and also encourage me to drink more water. 

History of Emergen-C
Emergen-C was created in California, and began retailing in Health Food stores on the West Coast of America in the early 90's. In the mid 2000's, it spread across the USA and is now the bestselling effervescent vitamin drink in the USA, and the No. 1 immunity support Vitamin brand* with over 24 different flavours and variations.  The UK will be the first country to launch Emergen-C outside of North America.

I've also been eating a lot better and find I work best when I fast until midday and have my first meal then. If I have breakfast then I just want to eat all day long as I feel constantly hungry. 
I've increased my intake of vegetables, and have eaten a lot of coated chicken which is low in calories, as well as Crayfish. 
I am allowing myself the odd takeaway as long as it is limited and that I am aware of what I am eating that week, taking those massive calories into account. 
I've realised how much I enjoy putting together these meals and how something as simple and tasty as chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn and tuna can be. 

I also now have a Jawbone fitness band to track exercise, sleep and food intake. This has so many different features and I love how it simply links up to the app via Bluetooth, and can transfer data to the app via a cable that links into the headphone jack. So far exercise and sleep haven't been a priority of mine so I haven't got the most out of the Jawbone, however once the weather gets better and the evenings get lighter I will be able to start walking and mild jogging again and I think this is the point when the Jawbone will really benefit me. I am also going to be setting up a regular "walking date" with a friend one or two afternoons a week when Harry is in preschool.

This year is a big one for me in so many ways. Not only is it my 10 year wedding anniversary, but I am also going on holiday and I want to look and feel good for that, I am going to London in June and want to feel confident and happy there, I want to feel healthy and energised for Sailing this year....oh....and I am turning 30 in September and want to be down to 10 and a half stone for that.

With a month already gone (how on earth is it February already?!) my targets are getting ever closer and knowing what I achieved last year, and spurred me on to get my bottom in gear and reach those goals.

Emergen-C has three fruity flavours which contain real fruit extracts: Super Orange, Zingy Lemon and Juicy Strawberry. Emergen-C doesn't just promise great taste with every sip but also has an impressive mix of 15 key nutrients: Vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12 and D, Folic Acid, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese,  Chromium and Zinc.   


Find your favourite fizz at Boots and major retailers! Emergen-C costs £4.99 for a pack of 8, £13.99 for a pack of 24 and 99p for a single sachet.  Adults should take up to one sachet per day.


Recipes are available at www.emergenc.co.uk. Visit the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/EmergenCUK and share your fruity creations.

I was sent a box of Emergen-C and the Jawbone UP for the purpose of this post.
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