5 part time jobs for any Mum returning back to work | Guest Post

Many women vow that they won’t ever return to work too soon after having a baby, but the itch to get back to the world of work is sometimes one that must be scratched - or it’s a financial matter - and a part time role is the perfect way to do so.
So as a mother returning to work what job options are out there for you, should you decide to only take on part time hours?

Call centre role
Don’t shy away from this sort of work, believing all offices are like the one featured on BBC Three’s The Call Centre show. Part time call centre work is a rewarding experience and one that can see you earning commission on top of your monthly wage. Many call centres work to shifted hours, so you can work with a manager to move days around to suit you and your childcare requirements.

Where to look: Job sites such as Monster or Jobstoday are the best places to look, or if you’re based up North seek the help of a specialist recruitment service provider such as CCJM to help you secure a role.

Freelance writing
If you are a dab hand at putting together written articles or have always wanted to write copy for companies then freelance writing work is another great part time job to consider and also means you can set your own working hours and fit looking after your little one around work.

Where to look: Contact marketing and PR companies with examples of your writing work or sign up to a site such as Copify where you are paid per article you write.

Administrative roles cover a wide spectrum of industries and positions, whether it’s a part time receptionist role, to an advertising copy chaser for a small magazine publisher there are companies out there looking for someone who can come in on a part time basis and support the team, especially in busier periods.

Where to look: The usual job sites are best for finding this sort of work: Monster, Jobstoday, Jobsite etc.

Part time roles working in a school are great because they let you work with children (and potentially in a school or nursery your child attends) and require a small amount of hours. Positions vary greatly but you could look for lunchtime supervisor positions, Governors' board roles, part time teaching assistant opportunities or even working on the school crossing patrol - all of these are great part time positions that will help ease you back into the world of work.

Where to look: Keep an eye on your local schools’ websites or check out a site such as Edustaff, where education jobs are posted regularly.

Bar staff
If you fancy having plenty of fun while you work why not look for part time work in a pub or restaurant bar? You’ll get to socialise in the evening while working and also spend all day with your child. It will also make child care easier, as people will more than likely be free in the evening to look after your little one.

Where to look: Hand in your CV at local restaurants and bars or look at their websites online.

So now it’s time to pull out that dusty old covering letter and CV combo, iron your best smart skirt and get back out there into the wide world of work. 

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