Me Time and Pakefield Beach #betterplaces

This year I really want to make more time for myself. I constantly put other people above me, and I am never really a priority. And that needs to change.
This week I decided to visit the beach once I had dropped Harry off at preschool. This is such a lovely beach and I have so many happy memories here.
I got engaged in the house my now-husband lived in, which was pretty much on the beach, and I had my wedding photos taken on there.
We would watch out of his bedroom window at thunderstorms over the horizon, seeing the fishermen getting their boats ready or bringing their boats in.

Pakefield Beach is situated close to Lowestoft, Suffolk. A dog friendly beach, popular with working fishermen, anglers and horse riders, it is ideal for a walk all year round.
 A beautiful mix of both sand and pebbles, hearing them crunch beneath your feet as you walk between the boats, being careful to step over lengths of thick rope and chain leading down to the sea from the fishing boats.

Walking one way down the beach, a walk we used to do every Sunday when we lived almost on the beach, you join Lowestoft Beach. A place with various ice cream shops, donut stands, chips, battered sausage or fish if you prefer. Or a lunch at one of the hotels on the promenade.
Walking the opposite direction, is Kessingland. Again with another beautiful stony beach with room to fly a kite, play a game of rounders, or simply sitting by the waters edge just looking out to sea.

There is something about this beach, I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly, that makes me feel so at ease, and so relaxed.
Maybe it's the memories that bring me the comfort.
Or is it the fresh air? And the sound of the sea crashing against the shore?
It's almost like as the sea crashes in it brings you calm, and takes away your problems or stresses, even if just for a short time.

Visiting this beach, or any beach, doesn't have to involve food, sandcastles and fighting with a windbreaker. It doesn't have to be really hot, or even a little bit warm. You don't even have to be surrounded by family or walking a dog (although these are nice things too, of course).
You can be alone. With your thoughts. And relieve the stress of everyday life. You can sit and watch the world go by. And let your worries wash away.

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