Mighty Mum: Ready to go Back to Work

After many years as a stay at home mum, most women choose to go back to work once their children begin full time school. However, no one tells mum’s that the transition from being a full time mum to a full time worker can be quite tricky. The world of 24/7 children to being in the centre of a universe full of adults can be both daunting and exciting. Well, here are some tips to help you get back into the swing of things as both a career woman and a mighty mum.
Choosing your career
Before you even begin to think about childcare or getting your family onboard, you should consider what it is that you actually want to do. Many mums find it quite difficult to find a job that works around their family life – and after all your kids are the most important thing to you. Whether you are opting for one of the support worker jobs Suffolk or an office job in London, you should ensure your employer knows and understands that you are a mum first and foremost.
Get your family on the same page
Once you have decided what line of work you are going to head into, the next important stage is to ensure your family are on the same page. When a stay at home mum goes back to work, it does impact the whole household, so you should speak to your husband or partner and your children to ensure they understand what these changes will be. You should also ensure that your children know that whilst you won’t be around as much as you used to be; being their mum is still your number one job.
Organisation is the key to success
Once you are working, it is even more important than before to be organised and have a clear schedule – especially for mornings; the school run is always stressful. So, ensure your kids know the schedule and it should run as smoothly as possible.
Leave work at work
Once you begin your working life you should always ensure that you leave work at work. Time spent with your family should be even more precious than it was previously so, be sure to leave any work stresses at the office and don’t let it impact your home life.
With these helpful hints and tips in mind, you can be the mighty mum of the home and office.
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