Spring cleaning hacks: five easy tips to get your house in order | Guest Post

During the colder months you can carry out some basic cleaning in and around your home but as winter turns to spring and you start to prepare for the summer, it’s time to get your house really in order.

1. Deep cleaning your home  
Latex Gloves from Brosch Direct are ideal when using strong household cleaners and will protect your hands from the toxic and corrosive chemicals that these products are made up of. Deciding where to start is the first decision you should make. It will help if you set out a plan as this will make the task easier. Deep cleaning doesn’t have to be hard as long as you keep your home tidy for the rest of the year, but it’s amazing what you’ll find behind the fridge and other obscure corners of the house. The blog Netmovers has some simple ideas where you should start.

2. Throwing away unused items
Once you start your spring clean an article in the Daily Mail recommends that you begin by deciding what you are going to throw away. Some people find this task impossible so the article says that the easiest way is to decide what you want to keep and see what you’re left with. Some of the items you are left with might be able to be recycled or up-cycled and given a new lease of life, or you could donate them to a charity shop.

3. Repainting and reinvigorating
If one of your rooms is starting to look tired then a quick coat of paint can brighten up the space and make you feel a little bit more relaxed when you come home after a day’s work. Make your rooms smell more pleasant by filling an empty detergent bottle with fabric conditioner, water and baking soda, and simply give your room a spritz.

4. DIY cleaning products
If you are on a tight budget then making your own cleaners from existing items in your cupboard will save you money and time. Cleaning out the microwave with 50% vinegar and 50% water and placing this mixture in the oven for 10 minutes will remove any grease or grime that has accumulated over the past few months. Livening up the carpets can be done with an iron, vinegar and a cloth - mix some vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray the dirty area, cover with a cloth and iron. Once this has been done any stains will have gone.

5. Checking behind the furniture
Even though you vacuum weekly you will be surprised how much is missed, especially behind cupboards and fridges. It is well worth pulling out these items to ensure they are not blocked by dust; this can make fridges overheat and will reduce its efficiency ratings. There are many jobs that will need to be carried out during your spring clean, not only indoor but out in the garden as well. Once plants start to appear and buds come out you should keep your eye on the growth of unwanted weeds and tidy the exterior of your home.

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