Vertbaudet Knitted Penguin Jumper | Review

Sometimes I feel quite bad for Harry. Being a younger brother, and having an older brother, has meant his wardrobe is mostly full of hand me downs.
This isn't a problem of course as it means Charles' nice clothes, or the clothes he didn't wear much the first time round, get a second chance but I feel quite mean to not let Harry have his own style. The boys both have different builds and certain colours and styles that suit Harry don't suit Charles, and vice versa.

When we were recently asked to review something from the new Vertbaudet range I let Harry have a look and choose something for himself. He was really excited but my goodness is he indecisive!
We eventually worked out it was easier to send over a list of things he liked and then let the choice be up to Vertbaudet. And we weren't disappointed.

Last week a beautiful bright orange knitted jumper arrived. It is so soft, which Harry really likes and says it "makes me feels nice and snuggly".
He also added that "Me like the penguin and the penguin zip".
What we like in particular is that it features a penguin and isn't at all Christmassy, which it feels like most tops with arctic animals are so this was a nice change.

Vertbaudet is one of our favourite places to shop for the boys now, mainly because of the designs and quality, but also because everything is reasonably priced.
One thing we have found with Vertbaudet clothes is that we have to go up a size, so Harry has a size 4. This fits him perfectly and even gives him room to grow, whereas I think the size 3 would be limiting.
The knitted penguin top is £11.90, is available in a range of colours and is available from 2 years old to 8 years old.
If only they did this in my size!

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