5 Things you can definitely discard when downsizing | Guest Post

Downsizing is something that many home owners decide to do at some stage in their lives. In fact, according to Saga, more than three quarters (77 per cent) of the over-55 homeowners who are planning to sell say they aim to release equity from their home by downsizing
Another popular reason why people choose to downsize is because they wish to lead a simpler life and believe that a smaller home will help them achieve this. No matter the reason, downsizing means having to dispose of certain things in your home that you no longer have room for - but which items should be discarded?
1. Excess Furniture
When it comes to moving into a smaller home, many individuals find they simply cannot take all their furniture in to their new house with them. The most common types of furniture that usually end up discarded include spare beds, old wardrobes, large kitchen tables and extra sofas. If you just can’t bear to dispose of your possessions, storing your things with Alligator Storage is the best solution. It’s a great option because you can always take it back some day or after you have found enough space for it.
2. Clothes
If you plan on throwing out the most space hogging items in your home then clothes will probably be among the first to go. If you have piles of unworn outfits, clothes that just don’t fit anymore or ones that have gone out of style, then grab a bag and start flinging things inside. A good way of deciding whether or not to keep or throw out a piece of clothing is to remember whether or not you have worn it in the last six months. If you haven’t, or can’t remember the last time you have worn it, then it’s time to throw it out or to donate it.
3. Kitchen Appliances
According to the Independent, 'those who downsize often end up feeling liberated from the tyranny of household chores, upkeep, big heating bills and large gardens'. However, the report also found that many people were worried about where they were going to keep their possessions in a smaller property. With this in mind, it may be time to get rid of some of those unused kitchen tools such as the toaster, popcorn maker, coffee maker etc.
4. Books
Books are heavy and they take up a lot of space. Only keep the books that you plan to read or which are of sentimental value, the rest should probably be taken to a used bookstore or sold online to help you free some space in your home.
5. Knick-Knacks
Most homes are filled with various bits and pieces such as holiday souvenirs, ornaments, old Christmas decorations, etc. It’s nice having such things about the house to make the place feel more like home but if you find that you aren’t particularly fond of some of your knick-knacks then it’s time to discard them. 

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