Aphrodite's Rock | Visiting Cyprus

After visiting the Baths of Aphrodite I was really excited to be seeing Aphrodites Rock the following day.
We were on a coach excursion called 'Love Cyprus' which had us exploring a few sites on the island. As the rock was first pointed out to us I worried that we would simply just be driving past and not stopping at all. Although we didn't stop close by we instead pulled into a layby up along the coast.
Our guide, Mary, told us before stopping that this is the most photographed site on the island. And I can see why. It was stunning.
Thankfully the sky was blue, which just accentuated the beautiful blue sea. I stood mesmerised by the view and watched as the waves created a dust like build up in the water, almost like it was trying to recreate the story of Aphrodite's being.

There are a couple of stories of how Aphrodite was born, but I like the idea of her arising from the sea foam (after Cronus castrated Uranus and tossed his severed genitals into the sea). Her name was derived from Greek aphros "foam". And she was considered to be the most beautiful, perfect woman.

There is a legend that if you swim around the rock three times you will have eternal youth and beauty. Others say that swimming round the rock will bring good luck or if you swim round it three times and you will meet your true love.
There is also the legend that if you swim naked around the rock you will be fertile for life.
I'd rather go for eternal youth and beauty....

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