Avakas Gorge | Visiting Cyprus

We got a visit a few different places during the 4x4 Experience. One of which was the Avakas Gorge. After first working out how to cross the stream without getting our feet wet....or being a rebel like me and saying "meh, I don't care" and stepping in the water much to our guides horror. The sun was out so it would dry...and I would rather have one wet foot than to slip on a rock and fall completely into the stream!

We have been driving along the coast before this point, stopping off at a couple of bays where the wind was so strong and we wondered if we would ever be able to get out of the car for an explore. However, at the gorge it was beautiful...still Charles chose to wear his coat with his hood up as he always does.

Our guide, Akis, pointed out the various trees, herbs, flowers surrounding us and told us how they use these items in their cooking, in soaps, oils, drinks and so on. It really seems as though they try to make the most out of everything they grow and everything that is natural to island.
We were told about mountain goats, although we didn't see any until we were driving away later on, and also about snakes! Thankfully it wasn't the right time of year for the snakes to be out but he was explaining how, in the hotter months, he has to walk ahead of his group with a stick and poke any "logs" they see in the middle of the path because the majority of the time they are snakes "playing dead".

Unfortunately we could only go so far because we didn't have the most practical shoes on and it started to get quite narrow so we walked back having a chat about anything and everything.
I have a "thing" about pretty pinecones, especially ones that are not that standard shape. I found some really beautiful ones and wanted to bring them home but ended up dropping them.
An excuse to go back? I think so!

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