Konfidence Swimologist 2015 | £50 Konfidence Voucher Giveaway

For the last two or three years a friend of mine has talked a lot about how she thinks swimming lessons are really important and a life skill. I kind of always shrugged it off. Not denying what she was saying of course, but thinking more of it as a natural skill that surely we could encourage by taking Charles and Harry swimming ourselves.
However, life gets busy and I think swimming is something you need to really be in the mood to do. Due to getting changed, women's confidence issues, the water being cold or the changing rooms being cold, wet hair, make up running, silly things really.

Last year when we bought our boat the biggest worry for us was the boys safety. My husband wasn't as worried as me, but I became really anxious, asking if we could put some kind of barrier around the boat through fear of them falling into the water. The lifejackets obviously give us some reassurance but we needed something more than that.

I had been told that the waiting list for swimming lessons at the local leisure centre was really long, with some people waiting over a year to get in and this again was another thing that put us off. However, when Charles started school I made friends with a few of the mums, one of which has her own swim school! Not long after we put his name down we were told he had a place and a 4 days later I was ripping him from my side and passing him over to his swimming teacher who was waiting for him in the water. I think the fact I knew her made this a lot easier as he looked so sad and scared but in the end enjoyed it a lot.

Fast forward a few months later and I sit there amazed at how far he has come. This little boy who used to cry at home when his face got splashed in the bath now dunks his head under through choice.
The little boy who I ripped from my side will now happily get in the water, bounce along the side in excitement and spends half an hour smiling because he enjoys it so much.

We're not quite sure that Harry is ready for lessons yet, and will probably start him there after he turns 4, however just watching his brother and the other children in the water has made him a little more confident which showed when we went on our recent holiday to Cyprus.

When Konfidence asked us to be part of their Swimologist programme for 2015 I was delighted! I feel like swimming, at the moment, is such a big part of our lives. The boys don't have any other classes or groups that they attend and swimming lessons are therefore the only fixed date in our diary every week.

We were sent some wonderful goodies recently to try out, which obviously gives us the boost to get to a local pool on a Sunday to swim and with a change of preschool hours has also given me the encouragement to use my full day at home with Harry on a Friday to my advantage and to go swimming together. I'm particularly looking forward to trying out the Original Konfidence Jacket and seeing how it differs from other swimming aids we have used. The design of the jacket really intrigues me as I can see it being a lot more beneficial in terms of teaching a child how to float and tread water compared to alternative products.

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Good luck!

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