Springtime Surprise Project

You know when you have those weeks and days when you really need a pick me up? You need something special to put a smile on your face and to make you feel appreciated.

I signed up to the Springtime Surprise Project when signups first opened. I was so excited and I really like the concept of Random Acts of Kindness and thought this was ideal! It thought it would meet new people, and to really research someone (bringing out my inner stalker!) and to then put something special together especially for them.

I was paired with Sian, one part of Bone White China. Sian was completely new to me so it was lovely getting to know her through her blog and Instagram.
You can see the items I sent to Sian here.

As soon as my box was delivered by the postman I knew I was in for a treat. Sian had put so much effort into making it pretty and already it had made me smile.
I may have welled up a little at the fact that she had wrapped my presents in a beautiful floral napkin from her wedding. After noticing this, I spotted something on the inside of the box lid. Again, I may have got a bit teary. There were four quotes, and three pictures of Ricky Martin, Tom Hanks and Sam Smith. Proof that Sian had really studied me because I regularly post quotes I like onto my Instagram, and my bio says:
 ♡Loves..♡Blue Floral Dresses♡Sailing♡ 
♡Ricky Martin♡Tom Hanks♡Sam Smith♡ 
♡Animal Print♡Coffee♡Photos♡ Tweet @laureninsuffolk

Sian had put so much effort into making everything so perfect. From the wrapping, to the reason behind everything (something to eat, something to drink, something to wear etc) and I felt so so lucky and really quite overwhelmed at how kind and thoughtful she is.

Lucy is opening up the project for the summer too. If you are thinking about joining in then DO IT. There is such a lovely satisfaction of putting a box together for someone (although also massive pressure that you naturally put on yourself to make someone smile) and the most lovely feeling receiving something that someone has put together especially for you.

Sian, thank you so much for making me smile and for making me feel appreciated.

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