2015...The Year I Love My Garden?

Our garden has always been a bit of a pain. The soil is rubbish and the lawn is mostly full of weeds rather than lush green grass.
Over the years I've planted so many different shrubs, trees, plants, bushes and so on and the majority have died. It got to the point where I just gave up really and the last two years have seen very little effort.
Of course the addition of a mass of children's garden toys didn't help me to feel inspired into making the outside space pretty.

This year though I want to do something about it.

I have re-jigged the children's toys, moving the playhouse to a more appropriate space on the grass and moving it away from the patio, giving us a bigger seating area.
I've managed, I think, to convince my husband that we need some proper garden furniture. At the moment we have a garden bench that I'm pretty sure will collapse any day but I long for a decent seating area. A nice table and chairs set with a parasol, perfect for enjoying sunny days whilst we let the rabbit loose to eat those dreaded weeds, and watch the boys make mud pies and leaf crumble.

We've made an early start with our vegetable garden this year, and already we are seeing results and can't wait until we are able to dig up, prepare and cook our results!

I've also decided to stop being silly and to make an effort with plants in the garden. I have a ridiculous amount of pots which I will fill with pretty colourful flowers to brighten up the borders.
Something I've wanted to do for a while is to have a display of old lobster pots and crabbing pots, as well as old boat rope and other old boat/fishing equipment. Yesterday we managed to pick up 2 lobster pots and some old boat rope for £12 from a boat jumble.
We were kindly sent an assortment of bulbs from Spalding Bulbs which I will be using in the lobster pots to, hopefully, create a beautiful display.

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