5 DIY Tips for Fixing Anything with a Remote Control | Guest Post

Many people are doing their own repair jobs around the home, which saves them money. Televisions, DVD machines, Liftmaster garage door opener, and air conditioners often need only a small amount work to get them going again. You will need the following tools:
  • Flat tip screwdriver.
  • Star tip screwdriver.
  • Side cutter/wire stripper.
  • Long nose plier.
  • Lubrication/contact or anti-rust spray.
  • Grease.
  • Insulation tape.
Most electrical stuff is relatively easy to fix, although televisions and garage door openers can be dangerous to work on. Here are five things that are electrically controlled by a remote, which you can fix without too much effort.
  1. The television does not switch on – This applies to plasma, LCD and LED televisions. Check if it is plug in the power outlet. Then have a look at the ON/OFF switch - it could be jammed. If it is, just give the front of the switch a few gentle taps, and this should free it. If you use your remote to switch the TV on or off, replace the remote unit batteries. The TV will not switch on even if the batteries are ready slightly low. Your TV may still remain in standby. All that may be required is a reset – switch the TV off at the ON/OFF switch and wait about ten seconds. When you switch your television on again, it should work.
  2. The DVD machine does work – Your DVD player accepts a disc but says “Disc Error”. A dirty lens is the most likely problem. Load a lens cleaning disc to clean the lens. You can buy a lens cleaner from a chain store or DYI store. Do the same thing if the DVD machine skips discs. Another problem is a dead machine. Disconnect the unit at the power source and unscrew the top cover. You may find one or two fuses. Replace them with the correct rating.
  3. Liftmaster garage door opener isn’t working – You should first check if the door opener has a power lock before attempting any repair. If the garage door only opens slightly, check the track and surrounding area for obstructions – usually hardened dirt or objects wedged in. If the problem persists, adjust the up and down limit adjustment screws, which is usually on the left side panel. Turning the Down screws increases the downward travel with the opposite being true for the UP screws. Adjusting to the right setting is a trial and error process. The door may open now but stop after a few feet – adjust the force adjustment screws on the rear panel. If the door does not stay in place without you holding it position, you may need to call a garage door technician to rebalance the door.
  4. Air conditioner problems – The air conditioner is cooling but cool air is not circulating – check the fan, it could be turning slowly or it may have stopped. Unplug the unit and turn the fan by hand. If the fan is sluggish, apply lubricating oil. If the fan is still not turning you may have to replace it.
  5. Electronic gates do not work – Check the wiring to the control board. The power wires could have come loose because of corrosion. If the board or motor is faulty, call a qualified gate technician. 
These 5 DIY tips are easy to do and will save you money. With the right tools, you should not have a problem doing minor repairs and maintenance. But doing actual repairs on stuff such as air conditioners and Liftmaster garage door openers is dangerous and is best left to the experts.
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