April: Instagrammed

I'm so envious of people with an interesting and beautiful Instagram feed. I look at mine sometimes and wonder what I'm trying to achieve?
Other people seem to have this style, or theme and it's almost quite narrative. Mine is a mish-mash of allsorts. Some photos are decent enough, and some are an absolute mess.

Maybe then, what I'm actually trying to achieve is a diary of things that I felt were good enough or worth enough to capture and to have a reminder of.

April was a wonderful month, mainly because of our trip to Somerset.
I don't really tend to Instagram a whole lot when I have a day out or a holiday. I think there's nothing worse than someone spamming your timeline and that the odd photo here and there is much better. Photo spamming on a blog post however is totally acceptable.

My pick-of-the-best Instagram photos this month were these.
Bargain Converse. And a warm day where wearing shorts was totally acceptable.
Clevedon Pier. And a boy on a bike. Harry was hilarious! He kept asking my brother to put his engine on and to go fast!
The tastiest Somerset Cider I have ever had. And an evening sat outside, opposite my twin as we both enjoyed the sun and cider.
We were on a flight path and it was fab sitting in the garden and watching the planes fly over. They were so low down that we could make out who the planes belonged to. There were a lot of EasyJet ones! My aunty treated me to this make up bag! I have a few make up bags but my Naked palette doesn't fit in them. This one however is perfect!
Charles went back to school a day later than Harry, so we met our friends at the park and fed some squirrels. This one was super tame! And whilst Charles and his daddy went out on a hire fleet half decker, Harry and I sat at the river side collecting daisies and acorns and made friends with these ducks. Who he named "Harry and Elsa".
I love these photos SO much. We went out for a family meal and I couldn't help but to look at the boys and feel so so proud. The photo on the right was supposed to be just me and Charles but Harry photobombed, which turned out to be wonderful. I love how Charles snuggles his face against mine in a photo...and how Harry very rarely smiles now preferring to pull a funny face instead.
I wanted to enjoy these lighter evenings so I took the opportunity to do some blogging outside, with a mulled cider. I went for a coffee with my friend at our usual hang out. She knows the owner, as do I now, and when she mentioned her new green juices we decided to give them a go. They were DELICIOUS!
My evening walks are so worth it when these are the views I get to enjoy.

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