Burger, Bubbles and Barn

Today saw a few firsts, milestones and achievements which I'm all pretty proud of.
I am currently sat in a beautiful barn in Somerset. The boys are asleep, and my mum has just gone to bed, leaving me with a half a bottle of champagne and peace. PEACE!

I drove us to Somerset, which we thought would take us around 6-7 hours. Having left at 8.30am we did NOT expect to finally pull up to the barn at 7.30pm.
The journey itself created two firsts/milestones/achievements.
I haven't driven on a motorway before, until today when I drove on 3! It was funny how so many people I had spoken to beforehand were divided on whether or not they liked driving on a motorway. It was one of those "Marmite" debates.
I didn't mind it, and quite enjoyed it. Other people annoyed me when they sat in the middle lane, or didn't move out of the way when there was a spare lane next to them and I wanted to move across, but overall it was fine.
We hit a few delays and as a result ended up getting to our barn at 7.30pm instead of 4 as we had hoped. Me visiting a stationery shop and testing nail varnish out in Boots did not add to that of course, and neither did me browsing the jewellery at a milk pick up at Sainsburys *achem*.
We also had a two hour stop in Reading to meet up with my brother and I had my first ever 'Five Guys' experience. OH MY GOODNESS!! THAT IS A PROPER BURGER! I am going to get major withdrawal symptoms at not having one of those close to us in Suffolk!

We pulled up at the barn and were amazed at how beautiful it is. It is so much better, and bigger, than we imagined and I'm already sad that we will have to leave it next week!
With the boys tucked up in bed, my new Cath Kidston pjs on, I settled in the lounge with my mum and a bottle of champagne. We sat, talked for a little bit and just enjoyed the peace. Neither of us bothering to put the tv on.

We have a week of family visits as we spend time with my aunties, uncle and Nanny, my brother is also joining us on Monday to stay for 4 nights and various places to see and explore and I'm sure that the drive home will be tiring as I recover from a busy week. However it will be totally worth it.

Now all we hope for are some sunny days so we can enjoy the garden and the countryside views, eating breakfast on the picnic table and sitting out side in the evening drinking wine (....it is April for goodness sake! Come on sun!) and clearing my busy head.


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