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Getting married is one of the most memorable time markers in a person's life. But it can be very complex to plan, especially if multiple vendors are involved. Unless you are planning a simple wedding at home with minimal expenses, it's a good idea to create a thorough wedding planning checklist. 
The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist
Planning Team
While brides plan bachelorette parties for female friends, grooms plan bachelor parties for male friends. These parties are held prior to the wedding date. The mother of the bride helps her daughter choose the bridal gown and matching attire for the bridesmaids. She will also meet with the groom's mother to coordinate attire for the men of the wedding party. 
Wedding Party 
Best men are among the groom's closest friends while the bridesmaids are among the bride's closest friends. As the wedding party enters the ceremony, it is led by a flower girl. Wedding party members, which includes parents of the couple, participate in rehearsals before the wedding date.
Ceremony and Reception Venues
Most weddings are divided into two events: the ceremony and reception. Venue considerations depend on whether the ceremony will be religious or civil. Religious weddings are held in churches, whereas civil weddings can be held in a variety of places. The ceremony is conducted by a priest or official. It is followed by a reception that includes toasts, food and entertainment.
Key Planning Details
  • Mail invitations to wedding guests 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding
  • Compose a wedding announcement for local publications
  • Send a final guest list to your caterer
  • Arrange transportation for guests
  • Notify a UK local register office within 15 days of the wedding for authorisation
Photography and Videography
Almost all weddings involve professional photographers and videographers to document the event. Both positions are usually well paid, although videographers command higher fees to pay for editing. Experienced experts are necessary for this work since photos and video links will be sent to guests. 
You may want to rent various equipment just for the event, such as audio visual equipment (slide show projector, big screen or other gear for making presentations). Home weddings may require renting tables, chairs and decorations. 
Your choice for catering will likely be based on venue type and the number of guests attending.  Many English receptions take place in the early afternoon and provide either breakfast or lunch dishes. 
Wedding Cake
The wedding cake is often a fruitcake with a marzipan topping. In recent years chocolate and sponge cakes have become increasingly common. Lead time varies among bakers depending on how busy they are.
Wedding Gifts
Guests are expected to bring wedding gifts, which are placed in the reception area or presented to the couple before the ceremony. These gifts, however, usually remain wrapped until after the honeymoon. The newlyweds then send out thank you cards. 
DJs are usually less expensive than live bands and are able to take requests. They also announce events such as the cutting of the cake and bouquet toss. Live performers can bring memorable excitement to an event. Other choices for entertainment include solo musicians, comedians and magicians.
Honeymoon Planning
A honeymoon following the wedding can be any kind of vacation. If it requires travel, you can get the best deals on hotels and airfare by making online reservations through sites like Priceline and Expedia
Ideas for Easier Planning
  • Hire a Wedding Event Coordinator
  • Use an online booking service for accommodations and event specialists
  • Attend bridal fairs, which showcase wedding dresses and cakes
  • Visit wedding shops to find business cards of vendors
  • Bridal registries are used to track down bridal needs
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