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One thing I miss from our high street is a good toy shop. Growing up there was a wonderful one in our town centre. It sold everything. You could spend all day walking from each room, choosing future birthday and Christmas presents, pressing every noisy toy you could find. It all seemed to be about the experience back then too. No "DON'T TOUCH" orders or requests for children to not play with the toys on the shelves. It was a lot more hands on.

I suppose the recession had a lot to do with the decline in decent toy stores on the high street, and now it is really limited, unless if you want to travel to a nearby city.

The world of toy shops now lives online. It can be pretty daunting when wanting to try toys out or when looking for a variety of toys, games and activities.

Wicked Uncle is an online store aiming to be The World's Best E-Toy Shop.
We were given a budget and could choose whatever we liked for the boys. Usually I would give them the option of what to buy in this situation, however I wanted to really research the site and make sure I was aware of everything on offer...not wanting to waste our money.

The variety of items available is fantastic, with ages ranging from babies to teens.
I am one of those mums who tends to ignore age recommendations. I won't tend to buy things that are too young for the boys, however I will quite happily buy them something if it is recommended for 8+ for example.
For this reason I didn't look too much into the age ranges, because I wanted to have the same experience I would do if I wasn't reviewing the site.

I found the site easy to work my way around and soon found myself with so many tabs open on my laptop full of items I desperately wanted to buy.
I was able to narrow it down to three things in the end and I think you could agree that for £40 (our budget) I did pretty well.

I wanted to get items that were practical, these being the chalk board and white board which was ideal for our holiday to Somerset, as was the Brainbox-The World game. Charles absolutely loved this, as did Harry. They are both fascinated with learning about the world and about different countries and this game was ideal for that.
I also chose a butterfly garden kit as, despite being scared of butterflies, I have wanted to grow them ever since Hayley did last year.

It was great to be able to buy a variety of items, suiting different needs. The only reason I opted against buying toys is because we have so many, however, if I needed to buy any then the range at Wicked Uncle is fantastic and I'd be able to find something in no time.

Wicked Uncle are hot on giving their customers a great experience "We can post your gift direct, we can giftwrap it, and even send a hand written Birthday or Christmas card.
Our customer service is brilliant too; if the child already has your carefully chosen present, we will change it for something else." 

This is definitely a site to bookmark for birthdays, Christmas, special treats and school friends birthday presents. Without a doubt you will be able to find a gift for everybody.

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