5 Ways to Make Cut Backs

I've always been a clever shopper. I am able to hunt out deals and offers and like to make the most of any I find.
I think the world is changing and whereas at one point it was flash to talk about or to show off how much money you have, how much you can spend, and what you buy, I think now it is better to show off how much money you have saved, and any bargains you pick up and can find.

I've come up with 5 tips on how to save money by making easy and simple cut backs.

Try Antiques and Charity Shops

I was desperate for a desk to be able to keep my notebooks, camera equipment, pens and so on in, and also to be able to make a space to work without being disturbed.
I scoured the internet and everything was way out of my small budget. I then found a local antique dealer and the following day had put my name down on the most amazing wooden desk for a bargain £25!
At Christmas it's worth checking out charity shops for decorations as so many are donated by people who are having a colour scheme change, or minimalising their displays.

Write Lists

 It's all well and good going to discount stores for your grocery shop to keep your costs down. However, seeing so many good deals can encourage you to overspend. So, be strict. Write a list of things you need and don't buy anything else. Don't bulk buy just for the sake of it, the likelihood being that you'll either forget about those items or they will go out of date.

Use Voucher Sites

Vouchers sites such as VouchaCodes.co.uk are a great rescource when wanting to save money and bag a bargain. You can usually find codes with a certain percent off an overall purchase, or a free item with purchase, or free delivery, as well as many more.

Car Share

It amazes me really, and I am guilty of this too, at how many of us do the school run in our own cars rather than mucking in together and sorting out some kind of car share system.
The same goes for work collegues, or even shopping trips.

Free Days Out

Zoo's, Sealife Centres, Farms and Soft Play might be fun but if you add up the cost of these throughout the year then those visits work out to be rather costly.
Look into local walks, or open days for stately homes. Explore different beaches and woodland, making up your own adventures as you go.
Take a picnic with you too. A lot of the canteens at local attractions are very overpriced, and a picnic for the family can be put together for under £10!

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