Five Things | Signs I'm Getting Older

So, I may mention a few times between now and September that I am turning 30 this year. I'm not going to apologise for making a fuss of it. I'm excited!
There are days when I don't feel like I'm almost 30, and I forget how old I am. Then there are days when I feel a lot older.
I think I've had a bit of a wake up call to stop being so sensible and to have some fun, mess around and not be so serious about things. I feel like for so long I have tried to be so much of an "adult" that I've hidden this fun side of me, and I really want to change that.

However, I have noticed signs I am getting older. And here they are in five....


1. Foundation...and Polyfilla

I've always been quite lucky in that I don't need foundation as my skin has always been clear. Or if I had blemishes a simple dab of a concealer was enough to make me look presentable.
Now though I have realised that I need to spend a little more time on myself, and a little more money on myself, to get my face looking a reasonable standard for others to see.
Foundation, recently, has become a must as has concealer. I'm a fan of bags but under my eyes, not so much.
My skin has seriously suffered recently which is a result of a few things and has almost made me consider needing to use a sander, polyfilla, and all the other tools to make myself look presentable!

2. Facial Expressions

I'm becoming really aware of my facial expressions and squinting mostly. I squint quite a lot, almost through habit I think, and on the school run keep making a point of saying to my friend that we need to move to a shaded area because I am getting wrinkles.
I risk looking grumpy if it stops me getting laughter lines around my eyes.
Hello crows-feet, you are very much NOT welcome on my face.

3. Young teachers

When I was at school I am pretty sure that the teachers were in their mid 30's onwards. The majority of which were older, and were female. Now though, I take Charles to school and it seems the majority of teachers are in their 20's, and there are a lot more young male teachers than when I was at school, which is nice when I am raising boys for them to have other male role models.
Sometimes though it feels odd talking to your sons teacher, who is young and childless, and to expect them to take responsibility for your child and to deal with things that sometimes only a parent should deal with.
It's also rather odd when you see teachers who you think "You'd look fun on a night out" rather than "Awwww, I'd love for you to babysit my child and sing them nursery rhymes".

4. Songs in the charts

I can't name all of the members of One Direction or tell you the name of any other boybands around at the moment.
I couldn't name a Rita Ora song or tell you any songs that have been number one at all this year.
I'm pretty much a "heard-it-in-the-background-in-Eastenders-and-liked-it" discoverer of music now. Well, Eastenders and on adverts and stuff.

5. Antiques and Vintage shops

When you go into an antiques shop or vintage shop and start recognising things from your childhood it's quite a wake up call.
Hold on, when did those things become antiques?! Does that make me an antique?!
One of the biggest shocks was when I went to the Museum of Childhood in London last year for BumpPRs birthday party. Seeing a Gameboy and a Playstation in the glass cabinet and saying to Charles "Mummy and Uncle Dale used to have one of those" felt extremely odd and a bit wrong.

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