Frugi SS15 Collection | Review

Since becoming a member of the 'Frugi Family' I really have fallen for the brand and the clothes they create.
Every new collection is just as good, if not better, than the one before and I'm pretty sure Frugi will never disappoint me when it comes to their designs.

As I've said in my other Frugi posts, the thing I like the most about the designs is that they are different to the other outfits available on the high street...and primarily in the supermarkets.
Frugi don't bombard us with character tshirts, or ridiculous slogans.
Their designs are fun, bright and well suited to their target wearer.

Something I noticed this time too, which I hadn't been aware of before simply because I'd just never thought about it, is that the boys t-shirts are more than suitable for girls too.

We were lucky to once again get the chance to pick an item from the new collection to review. I really like letting my boys choose which clothes they want so after going through the t-shirts with Harry we eventually (he gets his indecisiveness from me) chose the beach applique top in the bottle design.
I didn't know the tshirt had been posted through the door (in the parcel, obviously) until I heard an excited high pitched voice shouting "MUMMY! MY NEW TOP! MY NEW TOP! I LOVE IT LOOOOOOK!!"
The colour is really lovely. Despite Harry having blue eyes and that being the colour that suits him the most when it comes to clothes, this shade of green is really sweet. It's not too garish but also isn't too dull. Green is a colour I tend to not consider with Harry so much but this one really compliments his skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.
We love the applique design, and the detail on the waves and the boat in the bottle, as well as the embroidered anchor coming out of the cork.

The other thing I particularly like about Frugi tops is that they can either be worn casual, as a day to day outfit, or paired with smart trousers, spiky hair and a cheeky face, it makes a great top for a family meal out.

Some of my other favourites from the SS15 collection are below. Despite not having a girl I am always so drawn to Frugi's dresses and playsuits for girls. I think I need to take advantage of my friends daughters and start treating them to some pretty outfits.
You can see there is a clear nautical/beach theme to the new collection, and all of the outfits compliment each other perfectly.
To see what other members of the Frugi family chose and loved from the new collection all you have to do is follow the trail. I'm sending you on to beautiful Jennie who blogs at Edspire.

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