Lara Bay | Visiting Cyprus

I know, I know. Our Cyprus holiday was ages ago now. However, stumbling across this post in my drafts really made me smile and thought "meh, share it anyway".
As part of our Land Rover tour we visited Lara Bay. It was a windy, chilly day but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. However, I can imagine it being even more beautiful in the Summer.

The special thing about Lara Bay is that it is home to loggerhead and green turtles. In the Summer the turtles lay their eggs on this beach. The island does so much to protect the turtles and this is evident when you read the turtle information boards.
We were amazed to hear that in the Summer, when the eggs are laid, there is 24 hour security stopping people from going onto the beach.
Luckily with it being out of season we were able to walk down to the water and walk along the beach for as long as we could all cope with the strong wind...and until the boys got too close to the sea and fell over as a wave came in, soaking their feet and trousers. Always a good thing when you don't bring spare clothes out with you.

Harry was delighted when our guide, Akis, found some old turtle eggs. They were a lot smaller than we expected and on first inspection we thought they were old ping pong balls!
Unfortunately they were a lot more delicate than we thought and we didn't manage to bring them home which was a shame.

One thing I love about the island is that the locals are so passionate about it. I never really get that feeling of people being as passionate about the UK. Maybe I just haven't met the right people?
The locals seem to know everything about their island, and they find it so important to to keep it traditional as much as they can and they are so proud.
And that is why I love visiting countries like this. Countries that fight against the UK tourist tat and culture and remain true to their own history.

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